Sports Betting Solution Asia Bookie Software Review

It’s bound to happen!

Pay Per Head is a GLOBAL type of business, and it must be said that some areas of the world are more “likely” to be allured by this very attractive, online-held action premise. One such area is – without a doubt – the Asian market, and it appears that there’s at least ONE particular PPH runner that caters specifically to the Asian market.

They’ve made it very clear from the get-go: They’re called… MIND YOU, it isn’t ‘SolutionS’, rather Solution, per se, but you get the idea.

Though oriented towards the ‘Orient’, SBSA (as we’re to refer to their platform for now on, in order to save time in typing and a little visual space) isn’t headquartered in Asia proper, but instead, based out of sunny San Jose, Costa Rica, namely one of the top Meccas of the online action turf. In SBSA’s defense, Costa Rica is the hub for tons of Asia-leaning businesses, and the small Central American country possesses one of the largest and most varied Asian-borne communities on their side of the planet.

But back to our review: SBSA seems to provide a legit PPH experience for those more interested in catering to Asian betting markets, and that means a whole lot. Asian players have particular sports, casino, and general action tastes that differ from most other people from around the world.

How well do they fit the premise? Find out via our complete and section-split review appearing right below, but for the meantime, it should suffice to say that they’ve garnered a middling-to-OK grade by our expert reviewers, most recently awarded with 62 points out of a 100 total.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 8/15 Points

Now, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of pay per head business, aka the ACTUAL costs.

It took us a while to find it, but SBSA appears to work under a “budget” type of PPH frame, charging only $5 per active player, so that effectively makes them a “value” pay per head by today’s standards. Let us make it PERFECTLY clear: $5 per head is pretty much a standard nowadays, and a large majority of operators are working around a similar price tag, so, the only way for us to make sense out of this low-cost situation, is to assess its overall value next to the actual worth of their PPH resources and tools.

So, in terms of costs, SBSA seems to fit a “middling” sort of operator, providing agents with all the basic – and some not-so-basic- features required to run a pay per head, though, the actual quality of its components wasn’t something we got to try ourselves.

On another point, as soon as we started looking for actual ‘demos’ or any type of visuals in regards to their desktop or online agent tools, we didn’t fare that much better at all. Moreover, we soon discovered that SBSA stems from an already well-known macro operator, called If you’ve done any PPH searches recently, odds are you’ve already also stumbled upon them. This Agent-Book domain acts as the software backbone of many such operators, and their quality -though somewhat proven already by hand-on experience- still leaves quite a bit to be desired for us.

Promos 5/10 Points

In terms of ‘promotions’, SBSA is also of the middling type.

Sportsbook agents get a two-week free trial with Sports Betting Solution Asia. That is about par for the $5 per betting client price point. That gives you some time to adjust to the system as well as to bring in your clients and get their feedback about the interface. You do not have to put down a deposit during this time frame, so you are free to get input as to whether this is a platform that your clients will enjoy using.

And, when you consider that there isn’t any other way to find out what you’re gonna get when you sign up with SBSA, then… a 2-week free trial period is as good as it’s ever going to get!

Agent Admin 11/15 Points

Not that we couldn’t actually front-test any of it, but according to their own statements from their homepage, you’ll have access to the same reports that you have with the other value PPH sports betting platforms. That includes the ability to track individual player action, monitor each event and prop bet so that you can change the lines and keep the action balanced when needed, and look at daily and weekly reports for activity in your account.

Nothing all that extraordinary, but it is what IS required from a competent PPH operator.

Sportsbook 11/15 Points

Goes without saying but, if catering to Asian players is what you’re claiming to do, then, you’d probably have figured out that Baseball, Basketball and some other very particular sports leagues are all the craze in that part of the world. Lest we forget, have you heard about “Asian-handicap” betting lines for soccer? Yeah, SBSA should have that within its repertoire as well.

According to the sports-betting info detailed on their homepage, SBSA offers betting for all of the major sports around the world. Your clients also have access to live betting during games, which will make your book even more attractive. Not every book operating on $5 platforms has that versatility.

Casino 7/10 Points

In addition to LIVE casino play with live dealers, Sports Betting Solution Asia also offers access to a digital casino with hundreds of available games. (We couldn’t really find out how many virtual casino games are available, but they did say “hundreds” several times).

And don’t even get us started with “Why would I want a casino game collection with my PPH?” Duh! – Casino platforms are a fantastic way to complement your revenue, particularly so during those very tough weeks when the ‘favorites’ end up winning EVERY game.

Horses 3/5 Points

Sports Betting Solution Asia offers access to “all major tracks around the world,” according to the website. The number and geographical distribution of those tracks aren’t all that clear, to with most other things in regards to their services, but given that this is one of the value PPH sports betting platforms, we would expect to see between 50 to 70 tracks available, primarily in North America, although some of the largest Asian tracks may also be available, given the target niche of the business.

Just don’t take our word on the Asian tracks promise… It’s just something we’re REALLY hoping they do have.

Call Center 4/10 Points

There’s no LIVE Chat. We couldn’t find one anywhere!

So, YES. The support options are somewhat limited, and that doesn’t bode well for an online business in our day and age. C’mon! Who doesn’t have a LIVE Chat option nowadays? – What is ever SO difficult about having one or two agents on the other end of the chat window at least 8 hours daily? – Looks to us like SBSA is being a little stingy on the support side, and that isn’t a very good sign.

Yes. There’s a phone line (1-866-500-4934), an email address ([email protected]) and a quick fill-out form for you to send in your queries.

All n’ all, we’re still left wanting the darn LIVE chat option. Wink wink 😉

Payment Methods 2/5 Points

Options are also limited in the transactional arena.

The only three options we found listed are Paypal (a general and massive NO-NO, especially when it comes to online action), MoneyGram, the cash transfer service that has many times said they want NOTHING to do with betting software of related business, and Bitcoin.

We suppose there ought to be other cryptocurrencies offered besides Bitcoin, but there wasn’t any such statement made elsewhere.

Mobile Friendliness 11/15 Points

Gladly, Sports Betting Solution Asia DOES offer a platform that syncs well whether the environment is mobile or standard, so you can operate your book with the same level of ease, whether you have a desktop computer or a tablet.

The graphics and text on the site are easy on the eyes, and the site is simple to navigate, whether you are looking at it from the bettor or the agent side. This will be a major plus for your betting clients, who will be looking for an experience that they can run solely from their smartphones.


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