Rules and Regulations – Terms and Conditions

Dr. Pay Per Head provides services which are meant to deal with the cumbersome administrative technicalities and cash management activities inherent to your sportsbook operations, to allow your business to flow in the background while you run your business care and hassle free. The following Rules and Regulations, terms and conditions, will govern your access and use of any service offered on, or by means of, This also includes any content and or functionality we offer either to guests or registered users.

Please give these Terms of Service, Rules and Regulations, a thorough reading before using our services, since you will be accepting and/or agreeing to our services simply by using them. In this manner, you will be bound by, and accept to abide by, our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy; if you do not agree to the latter, please abstain from using our Services.

If you are not 18 years of age or older, please refrain from using the services provided on/made available by our website or applications; using our services means you are representing and warranting that you are not under 18 years of age. Do not access or use our services if you do not meet the aforementioned qualifications.

Access to our Services

At our sole discretion, we can eliminate or make amendments to the services and contents offered, and we reserve the right to do so at our sole discretion. Any revision and/or update to our terms of service we may make from time to time, will be posted to be made effective immediately. Any continued use of our services after these revisions and/or updates indicate your acceptance and agreement to them. Whenever you access our services, please review this page to know about these changes, since your continued use will make them binding on you.


The information we provide on or through our Dr. Pay Per Head website is solely for administrative and general information purposes; there is no warrant made for accuracy, usefulness, or completeness of said information, due to which any reliance placed on said content will be used by you at your own risk.

Prohibited Uses

You are not allowed to use the website, applications or resources in the following manners:

  • In any manner in which any applicable federal, state, local or international law and/or regulation is infringed. 
  • Any promotional or advertisement material must be sent with prior written permission from Dr. Pay Per Head.
  • By impersonating or with the intent to impersonate any part of the Dr. Pay Per Head staff, another person, entity or user.
  • For exploiting or attempting to exploit, abuse or otherwise harm minors by requesting personally identifiable information from them or in any other way.
  • Disable, overload, harm or impair the site, or otherwise interfere with how we provide our services.
  • Monitor/copy any of the content/material or services found herein using bots, robots, or any other automatic devices/processes for unauthorized purposes and without our prior written permission. This includes introducing malicious ware like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other similar software.
  • Intent to gain or gaining unauthorized access, or any interference or harm you may cause to any part of our services. This includes access or harm to the server and hardware which stores our services.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Services, contents, features and functionality –which include, but are not limited to, information, text, displays, video and audio, plus images– are owned by Dr. Pay Per Head or by its licensors and/or providers of said content. These are all protected by the United States copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret regulations, and also by its international counterparts. There are other intellectual property/proprietary rights laws that may also apply, so please contact us to make sure which actions you are not allowed. 

Any applications provided by us to be downloaded to your desktop, laptop or mobile should be downloaded as a single copy for your own personal, non-commercial activity, provided you know and accept to be bound by our Terms and Conditions for these applications. 

You may not:

  • Modify the content or materials found on this website, nor make copies of them.
  • Alter/delete any notices for copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights on copies made from material on this site.
  • Use the graphics, images, photographs, illustrations and/or video or audio, in part or in whole, without their accompanying text.
  • Any breach of the Terms of Service will cause your right to use our Services to be ceased; any copies you have made of our website contents or materials must be returned or destroyed, at our option.
  • Dr. Pay Per Head reserves all rights not expressly granted; thus, no title, right, or interest in, will be transferred to you at any time.
  • Our name, terms of service, logo and any and all related names, logos, images, designs and/or slogans are considered to be trademarks of our company, affiliates and/or licensors, and may not be used without prior written permission from us.

Enforcement and Termination

We reserve the right to take legal action regarding illegal or unauthorized use of the Services. This may result in termination or suspension of your access to all or part of our services, which in fact, may also be terminated for any or no reason.

You agree and accept to waive and hold the company and its affiliates, plus the licensees and service providers harmless from any claims resulting from actions taken by the company (and/or by any any of the aforementioned parties) during the investigations or resulting from them, or resulting from actions regarding investigations carried out by the company itself.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Disputes or claims arising therefrom, or related thereto, the use of  these Services/Terms of Service, will be governed by the internal laws of Costa Rica.

Rules and Regulations Agreement

These Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between you and Dr. Pay Per Head regarding the services we offer, and they supersede any and all prior written and oral agreements, representations and warranties regarding our Services. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our Rules and Regulations.

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