What to do when choosing a PPH platform

What to do when choosing a PPH platform

When choosing the right PPH platform or provider, you must take into account many factors. You could make a serious mistake if you don’t. Make sure your bookie software has these characteristics.

Mobile-Friendly PPH Platform

Mobile devices are the most popular PPH platform for placing bets. It is not common for someone sitting at a bar and watching a match to walk to their house to get a laptop to bet on it. They will instead use their smartphones.

Mobile compatibility is a must if you want to attract significant clients. Your betting platform’s URL could be shared with thousands of customers. However, it is unlikely that they will all open the link from their desktops.

Many will use their smartphones to open the link. Ensure that the platform is optimized to work with mobile devices such as tablets, Windows phones and Android smartphones.

Professional Sportsbook Website PPH Platform

People will often paint a picture of you based on what they hear about you. Movies, for example, portray bookies as criminals who operate behind closed doors and in dark alleyways.

You instantly become credible when you have a professional website for sports betting. Your website should clearly show what your service is all about. The site should be used to dispel any doubts people may have about betting with bookies rather than internationally recognized sportsbooks.

A professional website can give you an advantage in marketing. Clients can be directed to your website, where they can learn more about your betting lines, customer support, and user friendliness.

A website puts you on the same level as well-known sportsbooks. Pelican PPH, for example, has a website that is powerful and similar to yours. This is a huge advantage, as you won’t have to spend thousands on a website like Pelican PPH.

Quality Call Center

More than 60% of people are willing to pay more for better customer service. Imagine you’re buying your first device.

It is possible to learn how it works from other sources. You will regret it one day if you don’t get to speak with an engineer at the supplier. If you are unable to get customer support, you will regret purchasing the machine.

Similar to the previous example, your platform is likely to have problems for bettors. Your site may be flawless, with little chance of running into problems. Technology can have unexpected hiccups.

Clients will be happy to speak to someone if they have to deal with such an emergency. Your clients will be assured of prompt solutions by having a high-quality call center.

Secure Payment Methods

Online betting services should follow the established procedure. Clients typically deposit funds, place bets, and withdraw money.

You might offer credit bets if you’re an offline bookmaker. You will be contacted by a number of deadbeat clients every week. They cannot pay.

Clients must pay before using a pay-per-head platform. Although you can’t offer credit bets, it is possible to do so.

Make sure the platform offers secure payment options. You can make anonymity easier by choosing anonymous payment methods.

These include gift cards, ripple, bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin. Clients will feel more secure as they don’t have to reveal their banking information or real names.

Live Betting

In-play betting can help increase your betting volume. This type of wagering allows players to place bets on an ongoing match. There are many options when Argentina plays France.

A player who plays for France may get a yellow card. You can also offer the possibility that the player will be given a yellow card prior to halftime.

During an ongoing event, you can wager on more than 70 occasions. These bets are more informative than pre-match ones and therefore attract more bettors.

You will also earn more commission. You can make your clients happy and still make some extra money.

Check that the pay-per-head platform offers live betting. Ask the provider if they offer live betting on all sports.

Control of betting systems

What are you looking to offer your clients? And for how long? Pay-per-head service providers can offer bets on over 40 sports markets. You might not wish to offer bets on all of them.

Instead, you should be able to choose what to offer. You have the ability to set bet limits, maximum or minimum odds, and the maximum payout.

You can take control of the betting system and allow your clients to choose markets they are interested in. Clients will find the right lines easier if you can remove other markets from the platform.

Ask the provider if you have the ability to control the betting system when searching for the pay-per-head betting platform. Ask about all the details, including whether the maximum and minimum odds can be set.

Transparent Pricing

Some companies make it public to advertise their overhead fees. This could be the total fee for the complete package. Most sites do not disclose hidden fees.

A company might advertise its pay-per-head service at $10 per player and claim it covers all. However, the company will charge $4 per player to activate live betting on your platform.

Before you pay the $3 fee, make sure to understand what it covers. You can find out the cost of the fee and whether additional solutions are available by paying more. It is a good idea to find out what the basic package includes and whether additional fees are required for other features.

Reliability and security

As you scroll through your phone, imagine your friends laughing. You can’t laugh anymore because the ransomware has infected the website where you placed your bets.

If the operator of the sportsbook cannot pay the requested amount, you are concerned that your information might be leaked. You are horrified that gambling is illegal in your country and that you may lose your winnings.

This is something that you do not want your clients to see. You can be sure of security by investing in the best bookie management system. Software providers ensure that hardware, software, and the entire infrastructure are secure.

The platform’s reliability is also something you can count on. The software won’t crash occasionally, so clients aren’t left behind while they complete bets.

Account Manager on Staff

Some people work best alone. However, you will require assistance in running an online gambling service.You might not be able to understand the importance of certain tools.

These features are meant to maximize your profits and give you an advantage over established sportsbooks. You can always reach out to your dedicated account manager for help and solutions.

Ask your PPH Platform service provider if they have an account manager who can help you with your platform. Bookmaking can be made a pleasure with the help of the manager.

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