What is the Perfect Pay-per-Head Service

What is the Perfect Pay per Head Service?

A Pay per Head (PPH) system is a useful tool for all bookies. But finding the perfect one can be challenging. In this article, we’ll go through the four essential aspects you need to think about before signing up with any pay-per-head service provider. We’ll also answer that question about whether it’s worthwhile to pay for the cost of PPH service or not. After this, you’ll be in a good position to locate the most suitable Perfect Pay per Head Service provider for your team and yourself.

Pay per Head Service Cost

Selecting a pay-per-head service is a difficult procedure. There are many aspects to think about, and you need to make sure that the service you choose is suited to your requirements and that the cost isn’t excessive. Although cost is an important aspect when selecting a pay-per-head service provider, you should be cautious about selecting one that will provide services at a price that is lower than market value. The old adage that you get what you pay for is a must.

The price for each player will be determined by several aspects, such as the number of players you’d like to accommodate and what features you wish to provide, and if you require additional software to increase volume and customer loyalty, such as live betting. Additional costs may include custom-designed sites for live dealer casinos, a cashier system, or a “join now” button for a post-up agent.

Luckily, some companies provide trial periods for free so that potential customers can try their products before making a final decision. Some offer huge discounts on a wide range of players. Be sure to check with one particular company over another what time the trial will last before you decide whether it’s suitable for you. Also take note that some companies require payments in advance to recover the cost of acquiring new agents. This is common practice and shouldn’t stop an agent from using the services.

Pay per Head Service Features

These features make pay-per-head services distinctive. They all provide so many options that you can limit your choices by focusing on the things that matter most to you. If, for example, you’re primarily interested in betting on sports, and you are looking for a variety of games offered by each site, that is likely to be among your main considerations. If you’re trying to find an internet site with software that can be used on mobile phones as well as other mobile applications, this will be a crucial feature for you.

Some agents may be more worried about the possibility of personalizing their experience than others. The best method to meet your per-head requirements is to identify the options that you require to run your bookie business. A few options to think about are line management with vested rights, friendly support, quality software that is updated, technical support, DDoS protection, and a mobile-responsive service that is 100% responsive to player and agent access. In the end, you must choose a provider that has the best features to meet your needs!


There is nothing more frustrating than an agent or player that wants to sign in to their account but cannot since their system isn’t working. Accessibility is the measure of how easily you can log into your account. Some factors can make PPH access more accessible to you than other services.

Are you able to sign in to your account? An account that is registered with a service does not mean much when accessing it is difficult! What’s the point of losing subagents and players because of constant system malfunctions, service interruptions, or inability to place bets? Nobody wants to find themselves in the middle of endless technical issues. And, for players, having trouble placing bets in real time during the course of an event, or even betting on horses when they queue in the gates, is an extremely serious issue. If a business does not focus on the overall experience for players betting on live events, bookies should avoid them.

Perfect Pay per Head Service Support

Pay-per-Head Services work like other businesses, which means they must offer customer support. It is possible to determine whether you know if a PPH service has excellent quality, reliable customer support by observing how responsive they are as well as the quality of their replies. Not just for bookies, but also for players who want to place a bet. Ask whether there’s a live 1-on-1 manager that is in charge of your account. If so, it’s the price of a meal!

It’s best if you initially get in touch with them via email or telephone to find out how long it will take until you get a response from them. If they take days or even weeks to reply to your inquiries, you should not look further since it’s not a good fit for you as a bookmaker (or any other business). It’s ideal to have someone who is able to get back promptly to you in the event of a problem–such as the agent running into issues with their software—you’re not waiting for answers.

In addition, you should take note of whether their answers exceed what you requested in the initial request. Some providers offer unclear answers that don’t address the issue in question; others provide detailed answers that can help to clarify things without making the customer feel like they’re burdened. The ability to personalize each response goes an extended way towards building trust between the provider and client, as well as ensures that clients don’t feel ignored or unimportant after they reach out for help with the issue.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for Pay-Per-Head service providers, make sure you are aware of certain things. In the first place, you should make sure that the company offering the service is reputable in the industry and is easily accessible from wherever you intend to use their services. Don’t be scared to inquire about the service. And, when it’s time to sign-up with a service that charges per head, make sure you consider the customer service! A competent customer service team will go a long way to ensure that every aspect of the platform is seamless and keeps customers content and returning time and time.

If you’re in search of an option that is pay per head, it’s important to consider your requirements and make sure that the service you choose will satisfy them. It can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what to look for, but we hope this guide helped! If not, check our reviews.

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