Wager Home Bookie Software Review

Oh Boy! – Where do we get started with this one?

Let us begin by stating that we’d once checked this PPH provider some time ago, and we weren’t impressed with it by far, quite the opposite in fact, but us being the kind folks we are, at that time we felt inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt: Their site is thoroughly incomplete, their price is ridiculously high for the supposed final product and their CS is the most atrocious thing we’ve found to this day, and THAT is an understatement of sorts… We’ve encountered our share of disastrous PPH operators in the past.

For some crazy reason we can’t really recall, upon our last review instance we graded WagerHome with a middling 55 point score, but on this second testing experience, we’re afraid that can’t be the case anymore. After spending a few very unpleasant minutes with an utterly incompetent and rude representative, and getting no good answers in any one direction whatsoever, we’ve determined to reward this laughable try at a “decent” pay-per-head with a depressing 34 score.

Check it out for yourself; we’re pretty sure you won’t go much higher in terms of appreciation for their offer and services. 40-years experience? Give us a break!


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 4/15 Points

Alright, let us pretend you actually want to give these guys a try (though we highly suggest the contrary.)

There is a two-tiered pricing system. At $9 per active betting client per week, you get all of the features of the website except for live in-game betting (though that means just the basic stuff you’d be getting just about anywhere elsewhere.)

If you want to offer that feature to your clients as well, the fee goes up to $12. Now, if there’s any truth to their advertising claims – same which we were never able to test since they don’t have any kind of demo versions available – this might be worthwhile to you, if you want to offer live props, for instance. Then again, you should be able to find the same services for much lower costs at just too many operators from the competition.

Promos 3/10 Points

Most of the price-per-head sportsbook platforms offer free trial periods ranging from two to six weeks. The fact that WagerHome offers a one-month free trial period is generous, as that provides a full four weeks to determine if this is the platform that will work for you and your bettors, then again, this is as long as you trust WagerHome to be a legit operator.

Hold your horses though, because this tantalizing 4 Weeks Free deal looks to us like a quick way to get you all signed up, with potential bad repercussions coming alongside as time passes by.

Agent Admin 5/15 Points

The photos of the interfaces for the agent to use look OK, and given the length of the free trial period, you should have plenty of time to figure out whether they work for you, but, yet again, we couldn’t verify any of their claims first-hand.

The listing of features is not very specific, but at this price point, you should definitely be able to run agent and subagent reports, print daily and weekly activity reports and manage your individual bettors’ accounts 24/7. You should also be able to adjust sports betting lines and point spreads in real-time, around the clock.

So, nothing to see here, people. Better start looking elsewhere. The agent tool set doesn’t look much of a “keeper” in our humble opinion.

Sportsbook 6/15 Points

Here we go again: At this price point, you would expect a price per head sportsbook platform to have information on its website about the leagues that you can offer action on, but Wagerhome is not a particularly informative site at this point in time (and probably never will be.)

Given how much they are charging, you should expect to have availability for NHL, MLS, European first division soccer, college and pro basketball and football, Major League Baseball, UFC/MMA, rugby, tennis, golf, and perhaps even cricket. You’ll want to ask the sales staff about this, but don’t expect much assistance in that respect either.

Their sports odds offer looks below middling to us.

Casino 4/10 Points

You definitely want a pph sportsbook platform that offers a strong casino presence, to keep your betting clients actively engaged as well as to ensure that you have enough revenue coming in. The more time clients spend on your platform, the stronger your client connection will be – and the better the word of mouth will be. Wagerhome does not provide much information about their casino offerings.

At this price point, the normal thing would be to have access to live and virtual casinos, with a wide variety of games for your betting clients to play, but since they don’t say much at all, it’d be just as easy to assume that their casino platform is a mediocre or far below in quality terms to whatever is offered by the competition.

Horses 2/5 Points

Wagerhome is conspicuously silent about the number of horse tracks that they offer access to. Given their price point, I would expect to be able to put action down on at least 75 tracks across North America, and it would be nice if they also offered action on some of the Asian tracks that give points toward qualification for the Kentucky Derby. This is something you would want to sort out with their sales staff if you call for more information about using their pay-per-head sportsbook platform.

Good luck trying to get any useful information from their chat agents!

Call Center 3/10 Points

Alright. Here’s where we found the most troubling aspect about WagerHome.

Yes, there’s a phone number listed (877-722-0984), so that’s usually a good sign. What didn’t ring as well for us was that their Chat support staff requested that we call them on the phone because they were unwilling to provide us with very simple responses to our tragically simple queries on Live Chat. It almost felt like they were trying to make us disregard their many mishaps by “sweet-talking” us on the telephone line, just like those classic sleazy sales agents are always so keen on doing. Nice going, WagerHome!

We didn’t fall for the bait.

And yes, there’s also a form you can fill out with your questions by clicking on the Contact link on top of their home page. What a surprise.

Payment Methods 3/5 Points

According to one of the very few things clearly stated on their homepage, Wagerhome currently accepts several different cryptocurrencies, along with a cashier’s check, money orders, bank wire and MoneyGram.

For those looking to deal in prepaid debit cards or credit cards, you might look for a different PPH sportsbook platform. Credit cards and debit cards tend to come with higher fees for users, though, so you are trading off convenience here for value – plus you can’t charge yourself into oblivion if your sportsbook does not take credit cards. There are other platforms that offer more flexibility, though.

Mobile Friendliness 4/15 Points

When visiting WagerHome’s site via smartphone, we pretty much stumbled upon the same “broken-up” thing we did on a desktop browser version, though surprisingly, it managed to run slightly better.

How well does WagerHome software run on your phone? Not a clue, and they don’t seem to care about you finding out about it either. Is not like they’re bothering to display anything about mobile functionalities anywhere. Good luck getting any info on that respect!


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