Up-Selling your Pay-Per-Head Services

Up-Selling your Pay-Per-Head Services

The pay-per-head services industry operates with a simple business model. They charge customers (agents and bookies) a per-player, per-week rate. A player is an account that has placed at least one wager during the week. This typically takes place from Monday morning through Sunday evening.

Rates can range from $4 to $50, depending on the pay-per-head site’s cost. These include customer service, live betting and virtual casinos, horse racing, and call-in wagering. The rate may vary depending on the book or service. Agents can profit from this discrepancy by recruiting other agents and upselling the service.

Pay-per-Head Services: Agents and Bookies

You, the Agent, can up-sell the service by offering a lower price than they currently receive and also by offering them a higher rate than you currently pay each head provider. This is possible by talking to your current pay-per-head service provider and asking if they offer any type of up-selling program. Most pay-per-head services are happy to help you gain more customers. They are also willing to allow you to up-sell their product, which will give you the opportunity to make some extra money and continue to build customer and brand recognition.

If you’re currently paying $10 per player per week and another Agent is paying $20 per player per week, this is an example of how you can up-sell your services. The other Agent could be offered $15 per head, and your pay-per-head service would only cost the new Agent $10. You’d earn an extra $5 per player per week, multiplied by the number of active players the new agent plays each week. This would save the agent $5 per player per week. The pay-per-head service would make an additional $10 per player per week based on the increased number of players the new agent has. This upselling arrangement benefits everyone involved. It’s a win-win-win scenario that’s not always possible.

Another way to think about up-selling is that the Agent doing the up-selling could end up with your service free of charge if they recruit enough Agents or if another Agent has more players than yourself. You can also make an additional few hundred dollars per week if you hire enough Agents and recruit more Agents.

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