Sites for Sportsbook Agents

Sites for Sportsbook Agents

A top-notch sportsbook agent site can make your bookmaking business more successful if you are a bookie already or are interested in becoming one.

PPH Software

Agents have access to a variety of pay-per-head services that provide them with an all-inclusive website where their players can wager. The PPH service manages all the odds and offers thousands of betting options every day.

These services provide bookies with access to the administration section of the website. They can track all wagers and balances and generate other useful reports. Dr. PPH is the industry leader in rating PPH Platform providers.

The best sportsbook agents software features

Dr. PPH seeks bookie software providers with top-tier agent backend sites that are mobile-friendly. That It is easy to navigate the agent site. There are a few tabs you can select, such as weekly balances and exposure. You also have move lines and wager alerts. Player chat is available.

What else is needed when looking for the best sportsbook agent site?

Player Management.

The Player Management tab lets you view a list of all your players’ IDs. From there, you can edit each player’s wager and credit limit, password, and any personal player information. You can also add or clone another player from the player management screen. You can also adjust the player management screen by clicking on the edit option. This allows you to make payments to player accounts and give players free play.

Sportsbook Agents Site Weekly Balance

It is simple to use and shows each week’s balances. Each player has a section that is divided into days and weeks. You can easily and quickly see how each player’s account is doing for the week. You can also change the date of the weekly balances report, so you can go back to any week’s balances you need.

Sportsbook Agents Site Wager Alert

The wager alerts feature allows creating an alert by specifying certain parameters, such as certain players or wagers over a certain amount. You, as an agent, will receive an email with the details of the player and wager when it is placed.

Sportsbook Agents Site Player Analysis

Another popular report is the player analysis tab. This allows you to select any player and provides a detailed analysis of all bets made during a given time period. You can break this down by sport, type of wager, or period. This breaks down bets according to the game, half, and quarter of each sport. This allows you to see which players are winning and losing money. It is also a great way to make changes to certain types of bets.

These reviews will help you identify providers that offer the best Sportsbook Agents software.Mobile pay per head as well as other features of the latest generation.

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