Real Price Per Head REVIEW

Real Price Per head has been in business since 2000. It has developed and owns in-house software. Allows agents to pay via credit card,also offer 1 free week!

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Why Real Price Per Head?

Upon initial contact at Real Price Per Head I was impressed with the sales representative’s ability to establish a rapport! very pleasant and didn’t talk over me and had all the answers and didn’t need to ask anyone due to lack of knowledge which is sometimes common when soliciting information from PPH providers. Real Price Per Head comes across as a very professional shop.

Real Price Per Head’s call center was above average with fluent English speaking clerks and customer service agents after several calls were made to put their employees to the test, you want your customers to be able to easily communicate, Other pluses of Real Price Per Head are internal messaging Agent/Player for discretion and privacy, Live Casino, 24/7 call center, they have a well designed website that is very user friendly without a ton of clicks and also mobile wagering. As far as agent perks there’s only $150 initial deposit, 1 free week upfront as an incentive, You may choose a customized and URL at no extra cost that you may take with should you decide on another provider, you are able to offer your clients bonuses and referal incentives and they offer credit card deposits for easy billing as well as Western Union and Money Gram, agents have ability move their own lines and exclude lines from their package as well as customize your individual player profiles and different LineTypes to choose from, they claim 12 years in the bussiness as a PPH provider.

Some of the points I didn’t particularly like were that they advertize a $10 fee, that price is for 50 players or more, Credit Card payments only after 6 weeks of being a client and the real turnoff is they developed their own software and reliability is major concearn and the commision for live casino and poker is high.

Dr’s overral conclusion

Real Price Per Head is a solid organization that provides excelent service by competent and experienced personnel, their website design is an added Dr. Pay Per Head would recommend this service without hesitation, This service sets high standards and is definitely an industry leader.