PPH 4 Less has been 15 years in the business. Uses DGS software, and has 24/7 service,also offer agent lines control

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Why PPH 4 Less?

Initial contact at www.pph4less.com until a sales individual greeted me with very good english an ex-pat I assume, who didn’t have a very welcoming tone of voice, but was very able to answer all my questions, clearly a knowledgeable individual, that came across as a linemover instead of a salesperson, answered all inquiries about line management, sources for propositional bets, line move strategies and left no doubts as to wether at least the particular person I spoke to knows what they are doing! As I asked about pricing they quoted me $12 for phone and $10 for internet which is rather low considering you’re charged only for active players, they don’t do credit card processing, and if you want a customized website which they claim is free you have a one time fee of an astronomical $650 which is unheard of! If you opt to not have a custom website you must refer your players to their main sportbook website which brought a question in my mind…What keeps them from stealing your customers or sub-agents as you have two choices with www.pph4less.com pay $650 for a website which every other provider gives you or for a small fee or at no charge at all, the worst part is, If you decide to leave you can’t take it with that means they have access to your players with no limitation, clearly in this business you get what you pay for…Enough Said.

Dr’s overral conclusion

www.pph4less.com is fairly newcomer to the pay per head industry with only 5 years in operation as a provider and comes across as sportbook trying to stay afloat by underbiding the competition, I would not recommend this or any other pay per head provider that does businees in this manner, I have seen better providers than this go under, Don’t be led in the wrong direction on price alone. Stick with providers that can provide a proven track record!