PerHead has invested a lot on technology, they still have manual lines available but the primary means of moving lines is the Automatic Line Moving System. Basically this system automatically follows a major sportsbook. They give you the option of different sportsbooks to follow. The main reason companies do this is to save overhead by having less line managers which is the biggest cost for any per head company. For DrPayPerHead this is not the best way to offer lines. You’re paying for a service from one company getting service from another. If the line originating company has a technical problem or they move the lines incorrectly you, the agent suffers, not PerHead. With that said Per Head is still a good company to choose if the automatic line following system works for you.

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Why Per Head?

Perhead provides pretty much everything for any bookmaker’s needs, their customer service is very quick on answering all of your questions and also very good in handling your players.

They use DGS, but apparently they are constantly upgrading this system, so according to them they will never be outdated with the software, they are on DonBest live as Eagle sports, so it gives you an advantage of seeing their moves live and keep track of your lines easily.

They have invested a lot on technology, they still have manual lines available but they use a mix of automatic line moving systems and human, so if you are looking for a more old school line system straight up human, they do not have a 100% human system to move lines.

Perhead will help you build your brand product and service, so they offer tips for your business.

Dr’s overral conclusion

Perhead’ great customer service, upgrading technology and live games offering has made #4 on the good Dr PPH recommendations list.