Pelican PPH is now in the 5th season and was started and still managed by established bookmakers who have combined great pricing with an innovative line management system that is guaranteed to help you make more money.

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Why Pelican PPH?

In addition to a very good wagering platform with a focus on mobile, they have an excellent call center and line management team. They are focused on large packages (500 or more) and are very flexible pricing wise. They are continually looking for solutions that make the product better and cheaper. The business model here is to allow you to offer your most important asset (your players) the best service possible.

They offer competitive per head pricing or they will put their money where their mouth is and take a percentage if that is your preference. This is a great solution for books that want a partner that will help you grow your business and win money.

Their line moving ability for agents will help you set lines accordingly to your needs based on your player’s habits, you can make any price high or low at your discretion, and their staff management will help you step by step to achieve this. The Pelican PPH model is not for everyone but if you have great clients and are tired of getting complaints about bad lines, weak support and slow grading this may be the place for you. Where other operations talk about pricing and avoid actual discussions about bookmaking, Pelican has been making their agents more money for years.

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Dr’s overral conclusion

What really stands out, is their intelligent line management software, they do not clone lines like other places but rather have a very experienced line manager team combined with top programmers to make sure lines will result in the best hold percentage which means more money for you.