OFS2K has been in business since 1991
offers you lots of props, splits, alternate lines & flat lines ,offers 24 Hour Wagering & Customer Service,also offers you a sliding fee scale, First Week FREE!

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Why OFS2K?

OFS2K (OFFSHORESPORTS 2000) offers agents an “old school”, east coast style approach with sharp lines, solid service, and a high hold percentage.

OFS2K is definitely not for the 21st century internet guy who is looking for great website or the best deal.

OFS2K is geared more towards the reliable mom and pop agent who is interested in loyalty to their customers and will have lines influenced towards their home team. When I first came across this site, I had my doubts but after talking to the guy in charge and finding out that they started way back when the news paper was the main line source, I was impressed.

This is your place if you are looking to offer wider juice, lots of props, splits and alternate lines. They can also offer, at a lower cost, a sharp line. One of the most impressive things is that they are willing to create any profile for you and your players.

I was unable to get a pricing scale from them but they did promise that if you have a losing week, you pay less! Also, if you stay current and up to date throw the MLB All-Star break, you will receive free week!

The only drawback I found, was regarding their website and graphics.If this is not an issue I recommend these guys especially for the old school style bookies.

Dr’s overral conclusion

Their manager stressed that they have you covered when it comes to DOUBLE-HITTERS, STALLERS, PAST-POSTERS, and WISE-GUYS. If these things suit what you are looking for, then follow the doctor’s prescription and sign up with them.