Bookie PPH is a new entry into the Per Head Industry. This book is designed for the small agent with between 2 and 50 players though they are equipped to handle many more.

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Why Bookie PPH?

They offer a no frills setup where agents can setup their own packages including teasers, parlays, and of course limits. The cool thing we liked was an agent calculator so a potential agent can see how much he should make.

The phone fee is $15 and $12 for the internet only players up to 25 players. After that the fee scale drops based on the number of active players.

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The great thing about new operators is that they can improve upon existing platforms and Bookie PPH has developed a completely mobile friendly platform for both players and agents. With google reporting 90% of search done via mobile do you really want to be stuck with a site that is only web responsive or not mobile at all????

If all this was not enough, they offer the widest range of “managed” lines of any company in the Per head space. The software is borderline Artificial Intelligence as it is constantly updating lines based on a unique algorithm that is used to determine lines.

Chrome iPad

Dr’s overral conclusion

Bigger packages 250 or more are able to develop their own line type and juice table. This along with a first class web and programming team make this the best option for a 21st century bookie.