Be An Offshore Bookie REVIEW

Be An Offshore Bookie has been in business since 2000. The bookmaker has over 40 years of experience,It offers a 24 Hour Wagering service. Also offers you the option to create your own unique website, Be An Offshore Bookie offers your VIP Players a special 800 # !

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Why Be An Offshore Bookie?

Be An Offshore Bookie came onto the PPH scene in 2007. They uses the DGS software which is very user friendly and offers a nice reporting features.

Be An Offshore Bookie fees are set at $22 for both telephone & Internet. The Casino & Racebook are both free. They are not flexible with pricing nor do they offer any sign on promos.

Overall, besides the free casino I was not impressed by much of anything from Be an Offshore Bookie. They offer a very basic service no bells & whistles!

I have contacted them on many occasions and only one guy that seems to have all the answers to what their PPH service is all about doesn’t get in until after 4pm daily!

Dr’s overral conclusion

I did finally get a hold of him and he seemed to be a well educated on the ball guy…which made me feel a bit better. But the last thing I want to do is have to chase my service around or wait until after 4pm to have a question answered…their website doesn’t look like they put much effort into it, and the same goes for their entire operation. To put in nicely I will simply say, PASS!