ABC Islands Sportsbook started back in 1995 as a credit and postup sportsbook. In 2001, they jumped into the Per Head call center business and been a leader in the Price Per Head industry ever since.

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Why ABC Per Head?

The main reason ABC Per Head grew as an industry leader is because of the post up and credit divisions. The ownership of ABC Per Head has the same financial interest in the lines they offer to you. Thus ensuring you have the best possible line in the industry. Whether it’s a square or sharp player you know the line management staff at ABC is paying attention. ABC was an original Don Best book

ABC Per Head offers a Premium Service but their fees are right in line with the standard industry rates. Their phone fee is $15 and $12 for the internet only players up to 25 players. After that the fee scale drops based on the number of active players. With free Racebook, free internet casino, and free Live Wagering you are able to offer all the bells and whistles for your clients. For an extra fee you can also offer Live Casino Dealer and/or InPlay wagering.

ABC Per Head uses DGS software which is very user friendly and gives the agent a lot of wagering options, player profiling capabilities, as well as endless reports. ABC Per Head will create a custom website and provide you with your own unique 800 number for an additional charge.

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Dr’s overral conclusion

ABC Islands wagering & customer departments are knowledgeable & well trained, and open 24/7. When reviewing ABC, each time I call or hit them up on chat they were up to speed and well informed. All questions are answered without being put on hold. This is what we expect from all companies but only a few actually deliver & ABC is one of those.