Betting Clients

Your Sports Betting Clients & Side Props

In-game props take sports betting from an experience that has you tune in for the last few minutes of a game and change it into something that you follow from start to finish. Consider all of the ways that you could offer your sports betting clients to stay engaged with just a single basketball game.

Props, Futures and Other Side Dishes for Your Betting Clients

When you sign up with a pay per head sportsbook platform, you pay a weekly fee for each betting client that you have on your rolls. The fee is the same whether your client puts down one bet per week, or 10 per week. In some cases, the platform charges you just for the client being on your list, so the fee might even be the same when the client doesn’t bet at all, so you’ll want to keep an eye on activity and see if some clients need to be removed.

If your sports betting clients are putting down more wagers per week, though, that’s more revenue for you. If we think about a basketball game, you can offer action as to which team will win the tipoff. You can offer props on individual statistics for a player by quarter, half, or game. So you could offer an over/under point total for individual players. You could do the same thing for such stats as rebounds, steals, assists, blocks and even turnovers. You could offer props as to which team will lead at the end of each quarter. If you figure that a team has nine or ten regular players in their rotation, you could have well over 20 props going for any game that you chose. That would mean a ton of action on your pay per head sportsbook platform.

Obviously, that’s a lot of research to do, to set up totals for a game. You might only offer this for one featured game per day, during the NBA season. However, the more bells and whistles you have on your sportsbook, the more clients you will pull in from other sportsbook agents who are just doing the minimum. You didn’t get into this business to be mediocre; you got into this to make money, right? So take a look at some more creative props today.

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