PPH 101 Bookie Software Review

“We wrote the book on Pay per Head”

That line alone put us in a very singular place upon the moment of writing our review. It was clear that whoever PPH101.com is (or claim to be), they sure seem to have a lot of confidence in their own capabilities, and that they take the pay-per-head business with more than just a tad of seriousness. After all, when you use the term ‘101’ in regards to any subject, that is usually to say that, whoever is doing the talking or writing happens to know ALL the basics, and maybe a little more about the subject matter.

Possessing a smart-looking homepage, filled with useful information pertaining to its many products and features, PPH101 does credit to its nomer, by presenting us with a knowledgeable channel of all things pay per head. Their services? Upon a second look (this is our second time reviewing their platforms), it appears to us that they’ve succeeded in keeping a product consistent with its message, comprehending both agent and player platforms that can be used both on desktop and mobile environments.

Belonging to a higher-than-average scale within our niche of study, PPH101 has shown itself to be worthy of more than just a few praises, and a good grade by our experts, now ranked with a very positive 72 score.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 11/15 Points

Back when we last reviewed PPH101.com, their pricing deal extended to two differing cost tiers to their services, $7 and $10 respectively. The difference then consisted only in a few twitches between packages, though it wasn’t clear to us at the time what the actual differences were.

Things have changed somewhat since then: For one, they no longer even mention their preset per head costs, instead, they’re asking you to reach out to them to get a “personalized” quote. What they DO say is that, the more players you bring in for your package, the lower your costs would be, and that just happens to make a lot of sense according to our book.

Yet again, the PPH101.com page is not clear about the points at which the weekly fee drops, so, we can’t help but feel that we would have preferred to have known a little bit upfront, as opposed to have to go through the whole “contact” ordeal which we’ll be touching on further down in our review.

Promos 9/10 Points

PPH101.com presented us with quite an unique challenge when it came to assessing their ‘promotional’ values, as they seem to have more than just one going on at the same time.

Before we go on with our findings in this regard, it should probably come firstly to our recollection that there’s no need for an upfront payment to get started. That alone sounded pretty fantastic to us, since that virtually would mean that you can get to try out all they offer at no cost whatsoever. Then, YES, there is also a Free Trial, that according to the info present on their website, can last up to 6 Weeks, which, pleasantly so, can be extended throughout your membership. That is to say, you don’t need to run up the whole 6 weeks at zero cost and then pick up your checkbook to make the necessary payments.

Once more, a little more clarity could have made us give them the whole 10 points in this category; for now, a humble 9 points will have to do. What a bummer! 😉

Agent Admin 11/15 Points

Though not particularly impressive, the reporting tools available at PPH101 are all that should be needed to properly run your action business. You’ll surely get the basics, including daily and weekly reporting on your players (active and non-active). You’ll also get to keep an eye on wagers on an individual basis, so you can see if action is piling up higher on one side or the other, and make adjustments as required. And then, you’ll also have access to some useful player profiling tools that will enable you to adjust limits on specific wager types and avoid excess heat by the “sharper” users.

Sportsbook 12/15 Points

We’re finally getting to the real “meat” of the PPH101 sandwich, so to speak. 🙂

PPH101 claims that they provide pay-per-head betting for over 12,000 live sporting wagers per month. That seems like an immense number, so you would want to take a deep dive into the demo and find out how that breaks down. The site does not discuss which specific sports it offers though, so that’s definitely worth a check.

There are also TONS of mentions about the quality of their “Live-in-progress” sports lines, that will allow your players to keep adding up bets towards games that are already well inside their playtime. There’s also some talk about PPH101 having a good team of handicappers at hand, in order to keep a close eye on all the available events and keep risky players at bay, cuz you know they will come no matter what you do. 😉

Casino 6/10 Points

Here’s another nice touch: PPH101.com offers a virtual casino platform for free with its standard package, unlike most other pay per heads, that DO charge an extra something for the added benefit. The odds for the casino game options are set by the platform, although you do have the flexibility to set your odds and lines in the sportsbook.

We couldn’t find anything in regards to a LIVE casino platform listed anywhere, so It’d be fair to assume they probably don’t have a working one just yet.

Horses 2/5 Points

The one other aspect that appears to have been slightly neglected by PPH101 was the quality or variety of their horses betting platform. There was hardly anything to go by and try to assess their existing racing properties. Only left thing to do is to assume they have at least a basic operating horse-racing platform, and that it features all the major American tracks, and maybe a foreign one here and there. A sheer 50 tracks would be nice… keeping fingers crossed.

If you happen to know more than we do, please let us know right away.

Call Center 6/10 Points

The support aspect left us a tiny bit disappointed, to speak the truth.

So, although there is a working phone number for 24/7 contact (866-434-4358), and also the usual query box for your questions and concerns, the only link we found to an actual LIVE chat button led us to another LIVE chat operator that required us sign up with them to even get the service started. Sounded to us like they wanted to avoid online chat help like the black plague.

Maybe a little more work on an online assistance portal would come in handy. Just a suggestion!

Payment Methods 2/5 Points

Here’s yet another downside to PPH101: If you want to find out which specific payment methods that pph101.com accepts, you have to call and talk to their sales specialists. In the pay per head sportsbook industry, common payment methods include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, MoneyGram and other transfer services, bank wire transfers and maybe a credit card here and there… so, chances are they’ve probably got a similar deal going on.

Mobile Friendliness 13/15 Points

The look and navigation of PPH101 is comparable to what you find on some of the other value-level pay-per-head sportsbooks. The text is relatively easy to read, although the font size is a bit small on some of the internal pages. It is possible to run your book from your smartphone, although it will be slightly easier to do it from a tablet because of the text size.

Regardless of their first look on mobile, these folks had made it rather clear that both their agent and player platforms -as well as all of their existing features- work seamlessly on mobile devices, and that is something you wouldn’t necessarily advertise unless known to be true.


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