Many small sportsbook owners are looking for value when it comes to choosing their first platform to host their online presence, and is one of the more promising options for those looking to manage their costs while building their business. You have access to multiple DDOS services to protect the server from attacks – the company even has a hacker on the payroll, who tests the protocols to ensure that the site is safe.

One of the top features that you get from is the customer support availability. You can reach support staff on the phone or via the live chat around the clock, with availability in both English and Spanish, and get quick (and helpful) answers to your questions and concerns. Without commissions or revenue sharing, the payment model is clear and simple – it’s a typical pay per head setup, with a weekly fee charged for each betting client on your account.

If you choose, you are taking advantage of the simplicity and the value – and there is nothing wrong with that. Overall, I give this a 74 out of 100.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 12/15 Points

When it comes to pay per head sportsbook fees, starts at $8 per betting client and goes up from there. As with most pay per head sites, the fee will depend on the number of betting clients you have on the books each week. You will need to monitor betting activity by client to make sure that you do not have any “dead weight” on the books – in other words, people who are not betting over time, because you are paying weekly fees for people who are not bringing you any revenue if you do so.

Promos 3/10 Points

As of this writing, does not have any special promotional offers up and running. However, the value that the site offers to clients year-round still makes this a worthwhile site to consider, if you are just entering sportsbook ownership and want to start building from the ground up.

Agent Admin 14/15 Points

You have access to a wide variety of options when it comes to running your sportsbook. From your smartphone, you can remove clients, and you can modify options for your clients, including wagering limits. Clients sign up through a URL or a special code that they use on the phone, and staff handles the additions. You can take clients off when you need to, and you can also get such reports as daily and weekly updates to your accounts as well as action piling up on one side or the other of specific wagers.

Sportsbook 11/15 Points

Like many of the other value-oriented pay per head sportsbook options, offers access to the major pro and college sports, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer and NASCAR. You can go in and customize the games and matches you want to offer, along with setting your own lines. You can adjust each client’s account in terms of wager limits as well.

Casino 6/10 Points

You have access to a variety of basic casino games on, including the popular card games. This access is included in the pay per head wagering fee. There is not a tiered access to additional games and options, as is the case on other platforms, which makes things simpler for you and your clients.

Horses 5/5 Points

If you want to include horse racing on your pph betting site, offers access to 120 horse tracks, spread through North America, Europe and Asia. That’s more than some of the more value-oriented sportsbook platforms and should suit the needs of all but the most exhaustive horse racing wager enthusiasts.

Call Center 9/10 Points

You can reach support representatives for 24/7 at 888-409-6299. There is also a live chat option available on the website, which you can use to reach a representative quickly. To get information about sales or support, you can email [email protected]. The round-the-clock availability of telephone and live chat support makes this one of the better options in the industry; you do not have to pay more to get phone access for your clients, as some platforms charge.

Payment Methods 1/5 Points accepts and distributes money in bitcoin. This makes it one of the more restrictive pay per head sportsbook platforms, in terms of the payment options. However, if you feel comfortable dealing solely in bitcoin, this might be a choice that works for you and your betting clients.

Mobile Friendliness 13/15 Points

Of the value options out there in pph sportsbook management, offers some of the better design elements as far as mobile optimization goes. You can pull the book up and manage all of the features for your clients from your smartphone or a tablet; the site is friendly with both iOS and Android operating systems. On the betting client end, it is easy to pull up the site and view and place wagers.