Per Head Network Bookie Software Review

There is a reason why value choices exist within a marketplace – there are people at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of what they can afford, but they still want the same choices as those above them on that spectrum. PerHeadNetwork is one of a number of pay per head sportsbook platforms that have opened at a $5 weekly fee per active betting client, and their service has both advantages and drawbacks in comparison to other platforms in the value niche.

There are things that does better than some of its value competitors. Its free trial period is longer, and it offers access to more leagues in its sportsbook than many of the other $5 platforms. However, there is not a lot of information available on the horse racing book, so you would want to get more information from their Support staff on that. On the whole, gets a 67 out of 100.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 13/15 Points

The $5 per head fee is flat, but there are several different levels. For example, the basic plan has a default website, which means you are using the same cookie-cutter site as other book owners. If you want a custom website at $5 per head, you would need 100 average active players per week. On the Basic and VIP plans (which cost more, but to find out how much more, you need to contact the sales department) you need 50 and 25 average active weekly players, respectively, for a free website. You can also pay USD$500 to get a free custom domain and website, and you can get that back as a credit if you reach the number of players to get that site for free.

Promos 5/10 Points

Currently, new agents can get two weeks as a free trial period on without having to put down a deposit. This is not as long as some of the other pph sportsbook platforms, which range as long as six weeks, but it is a better option than some of the other value platforms, many of which cap their trial period at a week. This gives your clients time to make several bets and work their way from previewing wagering opportunities to receiving their payout after the match is finished, and you can get a sense of what managing the book is like.

Agent Admin 11/15 Points

As far as agent admin goes, it is industry standard to get access to daily and weekly account activity reports as well as player profiles. It is also standard to have the ability to move your lines as needed. All of these features are available on the platform. There are more detailed reports available on other platforms, but as far as a value option goes, is competitive.

Sportsbook 14/15 Points bills offerings from more than 200 leagues, across such sports as baseball, basketball, UFC/MMA, boxing, football, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis and other sports. That makes it one of the more robust sportbooks on the value end of the price per head spectrum. The more variety you have for your betting clients, the more interest you will draw. You can also adjust lines on the fly. However, if you do not want to offer all of the available sports, you cannot remove them from your page; instead, you can just opt for the spreads not to appear for them if you do not want to offer wagering. This could create pressure, of course, for you to offer more lines as you might not want to look limited in the eyes of your clients.

Casino 5/10 Points

If you sign up with, you do get access to basic casino gaming. However, you do not have the option to set the odds; instead, the platform sets it, using industry standards and under regulation of the gaming regulator in Curacao (where the platform is based). This is standard procedure, depending on the country in which the platform is based. If you want more than the basics in terms of casino gaming (blackjack, roulette, poker and slots), you may want to choose a different platform.

Horses 2/5 Points

The pph sports betting platform does offer horse racing options, but in order to find the number and geographical distribution of available tracks, you need to contact the support line to find the current choices. As with the majority of other platforms in the pay per head space, there is no revenue sharing; instead, the only fee that you would pay is the weekly per head assessment.

Call Center 3/10 Points

You can reach the support line at (888) 986-0444. However, the live chat is not 24/7, and given that it was offline when this reviewer looked, which was around noon Central Standard Time on a Tuesday, suggests that there may be staffing issues. Also, the phone line is only available to agents, rather than to betting clients as well, is disappointing in contrast with its competitors in the pay per head sportsbook market, the majority of which offer phone support to both agents and bettors.

Payment Methods 3/5 Points

In comparison to the competition in the pph sportsbook platform market, offers an average selection of payment opportunities. You can purchase money orders in the United States and then send them; you can also transfer money via Western Union or MoneyGram. It is also possible to buy Bitcoin and apply it to your account. Credit cards are not currently accepted, but that also helps bettors avoid the high associated transaction fees.

Mobile Friendliness 11/15 Points

You should be able to expect that your pay per head sportsbook platform will offer mobile optimization so that you and your clients can get the same functionality through the site (or the app) on a smartphone or tablet that you can from a desktop. That’s just part of doing business in the twenty-first century. If you visit from a mobile device, you get graphics that are easy to read and a site that is simple to navigate, which is a good sign that your bettors will find the site user-friendly as well.


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How To Become A Bookie?

To become a professional bookie the two most crucial things you must complete are finding out how to attract players as well as signing up with a pay-per-head service to place bets from your players automatically using betting software.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay-per-head is an online bookmaker offering its services for sports, casino, and horse racing betting to a specific clientele through a bookie software or sportsbook service provider.