PayPerHead Reports are a Bookie’s Sports Betting Database

Sports databases are a fantastic instrument for the betting on sports who wish to increase their chances of winning. Also called Sports Stats Sites, they provide valuable historical data about many aspects of the past in a wide variety of sports.

Bettors use the cumulative data from many games to discover all sorts of data prior to placing a bet. What percentage of times does their team beat the spread following losing? What is the average number of points when playing other teams within their division?

An organized historical database in various ways can offer a myriad of insight into patterns that could affect how successful a bet’s taker is in placing a winning bet.

In the same way, similarly, a PayPerHead bookie is equipped with an application that allows the bookkeeper to ensure the security of his sportsbook and to manage his players quickly. It’s basically a bookie’s betting database. Instead of having all stats on the game’s results, the database contains your player’s statistics. You keep track of all the information related to all the bettors’ actions.

Similar to a player’s sports gambling database, the bookies’ database is stuffed with all relevant information. The key is to ask the appropriate questions to obtain accurate data on the PayPerHead Reports. Utilizing a database of sports betting, players must inquire for the data they want.

Most often, they run reports for the administration aspect of business. You’re looking to determine whether you’re making money (and what percentage of a profit) and how much you owe and other managerial concerns. Reports don’t need to be restricted to only controlling the business aspect of things.

As a PayPerHead bookmaker, you are able to report on the betting patterns of your customers, so you can manage them all better.

Fortunately, PPH has created several standard reports, which means you don’t need to create new criteria every time you require specific information. It is also possible to make custom reports that could be of more interest to you. It’s your choice.

There is a match against Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns scheduled for the first week of the season, you may know someone who loves betting with the Browns. You can conduct several reports on him in order to find specific information such as:

  • How much would he typically place bets?
  • What kinds of bets can the player make?
  • How often does he win?
  • In what percentage of the time does he make a profit with each type of bet that he puts in?

You could also create a weekly report on the players who have had the most success to ensure that you are prepared for the future, with limits set or making use of an account for layoffs.

Let’s say Bill is a fan of betting on the Buccaneers to take care of the spread. In addition, he loves to bet on who will be the winner of in the Super Bowl.

Without running a report, you may have set the maximum limit on how much Bill will be able to place in the Super Bowl future bet. If you run a few reports, you could be able to get an idea of what you can be expecting from Bill’s betting. If the report proves to you that Bill is betting on future odds every year, but never wins since his bets are always on long-shots, then you should be able to take a breather. If the results show that he is winning about half of the time, then you might want to put your layoff account for this account to ensure your safety.

There is a chance to conduct a second report and find that Bill does not usually win with the spread betting, but when he does win, that’s when he’s playing the Buccaneers. Also, you could limit the ATS bets of Bill, or you can ensure that you get betting matches against Tampa Bay. If this isn’t working, you have the layoff account that you could use.

There are a myriad of boring PayPerHead reports that you have to prepare frequently to ensure that the pay-per-head company is profitable and is running well, however, they’re not the only reports available. As long as you’re an PPH bookmaker as you go, the more data you’ll collect on the bettors you have. Soon you’ll be able to examine reports to determine the way they bet, and how you can manage better.

The reports may not inform exactly how you should manage each player in your team, however, the extra information might be just the data you need to make a difficult choice. A greater amount of data is always beneficial, provided it’s well-organized. Sports databases reports are one way, PayPerHead can provide you with that additional information that will help you make the right decision.

If you’re not an PPH agent, sign up today and contact a one of our help agents. However, don’t hesitate. The faster you sign up, the quicker you will be able to collect the data you need to prepare your reports.

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