Pay Per Heads Bookie Software Review

Overall, we gave a 57 out of 100. If it were one of the value sportsbook betting platforms (charging around $5 per week per client), it would rate higher, but there is no visible reason to pay up to $10 per client for this platform. The information about offerings is incomplete, and the website does not come across as any more professional than the $5 pph platforms.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 8/15 Points

If you want to operate your sportsbook on this pph betting platform, then you will start out by paying $10 per week for each active betting client on your roster. The price goes down from $10, most likely when you reach a certain number of bettors, but the website does not indicate what would cause your price to drop. The most common way to get that price down is to hit a number of bettors, so you will want to ask the sales staff what you would have to do to get your weekly fee lower. The price of $10 is close to the top of the spectrum in terms of pricing.

Promos 8/10 Points

Many of the pay per head sportsbook platforms seeking bookies to join offer free trial periods ranging from two to six weeks. The fact that offers a four-week free trial period is generous, as that gives you a full month to determine whether this is the platform that will work for you and your bettors. There are some platforms that do not offer a free trial period at all, so the fact that gives you a month suggests their confidence in their offerings and the existing success of their business.

Agent Admin 7/15 Points

It is not clear how robust the agent administration features for are. The website indicates that you get daily and weekly reporting and have round-the-clock access to adjusting point spreads as needed. However, information about your ability to manage your individual bettor profiles around the clock or adjust point spreads, moneylines and side props in real-time is not available on the website. These are basic functionalities that you should expect at this price point, but since the website does not include this, you will want to ask about these features.

Sportsbook 8/15 Points offers access to the major sports leagues, such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer (which is somewhat unusual). It is not clear whether such promotions and major sports as UFC, tennis, golf, rugby and cricket are also available. This lack of information is somewhat disappointing given the price point that this pay per head sportsbook platform charges.

Casino 5/10 Points

Casino is a must-offer feature for sportsbook agents, because when your betting clients play the casino games on your website, that brings you revenue – revenue that will help when it is time to pay the weekly fees for each of your active betting clients. On, it is not clear exactly what casino action is available in terms of specific games. The website does indicate that you can offer live casino gambling, but whether or not that is 24/7/365 is something you would want to bring up with the sales staff.

Horses 3/5 Points offers access to over 75 horse racing tracks for those who want to wager on the “sport of kings.” That is higher than what you would expect from the value pph sportsbook platforms, but the price for this site is higher as well. If the tracks also include the major Asian race venues, then this is adequate. If not, then you might want to look for another platform.

Call Center 8/10 Points

If you and your betting clients want to reach support staff, they can call (800) 550-7290 to get in touch with The phone is available around the clock, and there is also live chat that you can use. Having a call center that you can always reach is a vital trait to look for in a pay per head sportsbook platform, in case of last-minute issues, either on the agent or the client end of things.

Payment Methods 2/5 Points

It is not clear what payment methods that you and your betting clients can use with The most commonly accepted payment method is Bitcoin, with MoneyGram and Western Union also popular as wiring services. Some sportsbook platforms accept gift debit cards as payment, while others accept PayPal and credit cards. You’ll want to clarify what offers during your chat with their sales staff.

Mobile Friendliness 8/15 Points

The website is easy to navigate using a mobile device. However, the website does not include live demos that you can access to see how the price per head sportsbook platform actually works in terms of usability for the agent or the bettor. Without that demo, it is hard to give an accurate rating about the optimization of the platform. Based on what is available on the website, it seems like the team has the basics of optimization down, though.


Is Dr PPH a sportsbook?

Dr. PPH is an industry leader where betting expert share rated each bookie software provider and PPH solution on the basis of criteria and factors related to the betting industry.

How To Become A Bookie?

To become a professional bookie the two most crucial things you must complete are finding out how to attract players as well as signing up with a pay-per-head service to place bets from your players automatically using betting software.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay-per-head is an online bookmaker offering its services for sports, casino, and horse racing betting to a specific clientele through a bookie software or sportsbook service provider.