Pay Per Head Sportsbooks: Betting by the Numbers

In some ways, sports betting is as new as the latest innovation in mobile optimization of an interactive website. In other ways, though, it is as old as sport itself. Wagering on sports events goes all the way back to ancient times, whether you are talking about betting on events at the original Olympic Games or the gladiator contests in the days of the Roman Empire. However, with the growth of the Internet, sports betting and Pay Per Head Sportsbooks have not only become big business; during the pandemic, it becomes even more of an outlet. But just how big has sports betting gotten during 2020?

Sports Betting By the Numbers & Pay Per Head Sportsbooks

If you haven’t yet set up your betting clients with a website on a pph sportsbook platform, it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity. You just worry about picking events, setting odds and managing our client list, and your provider handles everything else – including sending you the profits.

There are many profits to be made, at that. In 2020, $70 billion will be estimated to be spent on legal sports betting around the world. The biggest sector in terms of betting growth is eSports. One reason for this is the growth opportunity that the COVID-19 pandemic brought. With all of the major professional and collegiate sports leagues shut down for months, eSports took off, whether you’re talking about RPG betting on matches between pro eSports teams or even simulated games using video games playing the major sports. Now that the leagues have resumed play, eSports should remain popular but will likely go back to focusing on those RPG opportunities.

While it is important for sportsbook owners with an online presence to offer casino action as well, remember that sports betting makes up almost half of all global gambling revenue. So while you can recoup some of your losses from surprising outcomes in sports events where you didn’t have the outcomes hedged, you want to be as competitive as possible in your sports offerings. 

After all, between 2020 and 2024, sports betting is expected to grow by as much as $145 billion. Don’t you want to make as much of that money as possible for your business?

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