Pay-Per-Head Services An Honest Review

Pay-Per-Head Services Honest Review

You are likely to have heard of or used a pay-per-head service if you’re a local bookie. It is best to avoid the risks associated with handling this type of operation onshore. Here is a Pay-Per-Head Services honest review.

These businesses have proliferated online in recent years. They claim to offer the best pay-per-head service, competitive fees, and the best customer service. Most of these businesses are filled with it, as I’m sure most of you already know.

Why Pelican PPH?

There are many places that stand out, but I’m here to tell about my experience with Pelican PPH. I signed up with them a while back. My first impression was that these guys were the greatest conman in the entire world. The rep I was assigned was knowledgeable, friendly, and knew his stuff. Their site seemed to imply that they were a large operation with financial backing and years of experience. I was cautious. I had been hurt in the past, but I assumed they didn’t have any information on me, so it would be difficult for them to steal my players. I tried them with a small package that I had at the start of the football season.

I expected chaos, downtime, and site crashes. Grades were missed, grades were changed, and so on. I was pleasantly surprised that none of this happened. Then I was expecting to have problems with the end-of-week figures and the reports. But that didn’t happen. It was unbelievable to me.

Being the skeptical person I am, I decided not to move the remainder of my package. I began being a pain by asking for changes and special lines. I was curious to see how accommodating and flexible these guys were. My rep was made to feel terrible for having to work with me over those two weeks. I tried to make his life miserable by making it difficult, but he never lost his professionalism. He was polite and professional, answered all of my questions, and was willing to go the extra mile to accommodate my every request.

The best Pay-Per-Head Services out there

Their entire operation was amazing, and I was so thankful for their kindness to me and my players that I even moved my entire package. Their linemen are stunning and have helped me make more than I ever thought possible.

When I say I found the best pay-per-head service, I mean it. I highly recommend Pelican PPH to anyone looking for excellence in the field of pay-per-head service. 

Pelican Bookie Software Review

What are the most important things to look for in a pay-per-head?

There’s more to the running of a successful Pay Per Head sportsbook than the above-mentioned, you can certainly be able to see the advantages that come with a pay per person sportsbook.

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