Pay Per Head Now Bookie Software Review

Very seldomly we find ourselves in the need of “downgrading” a PPH provider, but sadly, that’s exactly where we are with

Last time we checked on them (about only a few months ago), these folks presented us with a fairly decent PPH platform with all the expected features and a few other valuable perks for prospective action agents, all under the wrapping of a very attractive “Only $5 per head, no matter the size” premise. Unfortunately, and for reasons entirely unknown to us, their site has clearly changed and not necessarily for the best.

Looks like they picked up some new copy, new images and a few other interface gimmicks, though the products seem to have stayed the same overall. What is the actual problem then? Well, it doesn’t really work in its simplest things: There’s no response on Live Chat, heaven knows how long they’ll take to respond to our queries, and better of all, their demo links don’t even work!

Disappointed is an understatement, but regardless of the apparent technical flaws, we tried giving these guys the benefit of the doubt and assume these are just “glitches” they’ll be addressing soon. In any case, and after assessing their present values and other info displayed throughout – and while assuming they’re still only charging $5 per head with their basic package – we’ve decided to bring them down in our ratings, and are now listed at a mediocre 34 score. A far cry from their former grade of 77 total points.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 5/15 Points

Instead of operating according to the typical pay per head sportsbook model, PayPerHeadNow has two different tiers. If you want a prefabricated look for your page that is basically identical to competitors, with just the personalized information changing for your page, you can have that for free, no matter how few betting clients you have, and this one comes with a $5 per-head price attached.

Then there’s the second tier, which is not all that well defined, but there were several aspects we were not very happy with: For starters, they only seem to offer Mobile-friendly apps and functionalities with this secondary deal (there’s no mention of mobile anything for the basic $5 package), then there’s this thing about VIP Live Wagering also included. What is the difference between VIP Live Wagering and the basic Live Wagering offer? Not a clue.

Similarly, only Tier 2 agents get VIP customer service (whatever that is), and advanced DOS protection against malicious internet attacks. How much does this “Tier 2” package cost? No idea, but we suppose that’s because they want potential clients to get a hold of them forcefully in order to find out.

Not pleased, IN THE LEAST.

Promos 3/10 Points

The only promo we found is the very same one we’d found some time ago: Namely, if you have 25 players active on a weekly basis, then you get to have a generic betting website free of charge. Watch out though, this will only work if you keep those minimum 25 players active for a whole 90 days straight. If you don’t, you’ll be charged $250.

Not the best promo we’ve ever seen.

Agent Admin 5/15 Points

You have access to a decent variety of reports from your interface on PerPerHeadNow, though we couldn’t test either because their available Agent demo doesn’t even work (its link won’t even open). According to the details listed on their page, you should be able to find daily and weekly action totals, as well as activity by player reports, customizable player accounts, limit-setting capabilities and so on.

Then again, nothing could really be proven at all. Take their promises with a MASSIVE grain of salt, and if you happen to know anything first hand, please make sure to let us know.

Sportsbook 7/15 Points

If you want your pay per head sportsbook to be able to offer the basic sports, this is the right place for you. supports football, basketball, soccer, baseball and NASCAR. If you want to offer sports beyond that, you might want to look at some of the higher-priced options out there. However, if these sports will provide you with enough wagering options, then the value here is worthwhile… maybe.

Either way, please let us know if you happen to gain any knowledge on your own about their sports menu. We hardly had anything palpable to work with.

Casino 3/10 Points

Same problem as with the rest. All we found was self-aggrandizing statements about the quality of their casino platform, though, by the looks of it, there only seems to be a “virtual” platform available for agents. We didn’t find a single mention about Live-dealer tables at all.

There was no way for us to find out anything for certain anyway. Not a test account or working demo version to be found anywhere. ** shucks **

Horses 2/5 Points

According to their website’s information, supposedly, you can offer odds and props on races from over 60 of the major horse racing tracks around the world. For the vast majority of your horse racing bettors, that will be enough to cover the events that they want to bet on. There are some pay per head betting platforms that offer more tracks, but for the value, this is a solid offering.

Then again, this is all under the premise that everything they claim is factual. There was no demo (agent OR player) for us to test their horse racing platform.

Call Center 3/10 Points

According to PayPerHeadNow, the call center is available 24/7, but you won’t be locating an actual phone number anywhere!

In fact, to make it even more exciting, we dare our readers to try looking for a working number on their website. You’ll find plenty of “Send us a Message” prompts, intended for you to take care of all the work and leave the site managers with hardly anything to do, but nothing else besides that.

Oh, there’s the Live Chat option that doesn’t seem to be working either.

The more we look into this provider, the more depressed we become.

Payment Methods 3/5 Points

PayPerHeadNow’s payment options didn’t leave us any better satisfied. They mention Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptos as available mechanisms for payment (both IN & OUT), and also “Moneygram” which is certainly not going to be taken in nicely by these cash transfer operators. Moneygram wants nothing to do with this kind of venture.

Even more concerning than that is their mention of “Vanilla Gift Cards”? – Are they for real? Advertising a payment method that is a classic “no-go” for this kind of business?

Good Heavens! – We’ll let you make your own mind.

Mobile Friendliness 3/15 Points

One more weakness on our list: When you pull up the website on a smartphone, a contact information field opens right over the home page. When you scroll down, the text boxes look like they have been compressed, instead of redistributed in ways that better mobile optimization software provides.

And then, there’s some stuff about mobile-friendliness being exclusive of Tier 2 agents, not necessarily featured as part of the basic $5 package.

If you have a better idea of their mobile capabilities, please let us know on the spot.


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