Pay-per-Head Betting

A pay-per-head service is a must for anyone who wants to grow their bookmaking business and make it available online. You may be asking, “What is pay-per-head betting for bookmaking?”

Rules of Engagement

Experienced online bookmakers offer their services for a small fee to other bookmakers in the form of a pay-per-head arrangement. It’s like outsourcing for gambling websites. Everybody wants the best bookie software, the most skilled line makers, professional customer support reps, top IT specialists, and the most secure servers. However, not everyone has the budget to invest all of these resources.

This is basically what a pay-per-head service offers. They provide the infrastructure, expertise, and professional staff, and you pay a flat fee. It is calculated based on how many players you have who are using the service and is charged per week.

You will find many companies offering their services when you begin your search. It’s not a cliché to say, but not all pay-per-head services are the same. Dr. PPH is a good place to start looking for a Pay Per Head betting software provider. They are one of the oldest pay-per-head reviewers and have excellent details for the top brands.

These are the top things to consider when deciding on pay-per-head betting

Setup Time

 Ask how long it will take to set up your agent package. There are some things that will be important. If you need a custom-built site, the setup will take longer. However, if your plan is to use their default betting interface, it should take less than 24 hours.

Hours of Operation

Search for online services that offer 24/7 betting. Some companies won’t offer overnight lines to their clients. This is because they don’t have a night shift manager and are therefore unable to provide overnight service. Although 24/7 betting may not seem like a big deal, it can be. Your competitors will try to offer more profit-generating odds, and they will, too.

Contact Center for your pay-per-head betting

While some newer PPH companies don’t offer a contact center staffed by professional customer service agents, others do. This is because they want to lower overhead. However, it is something that you shouldn’t compromise on. Your overall operations will benefit from a contact center that is humane and cares about your clients. Customer loyalty to your brand is something that you cannot buy. Customers who feel cared for will be loyal.

Top-of-the-Line Reporting

To be able to manage your business effectively, you need accurate and up-to-date information. Knowing your position in any given game, as well as the activity of all players in your package, is crucial. Make sure to check your reporting options.

Now you are able to determine the pay-per-head for bookmaking, and Dr. PPH is the best option on the market to choose wisely.

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