Pay Per Head 247 Bookie Software Review

Yikes! Yet another “downgrade” experience.

How quickly can things change in only a matter of months?

Quite a bit, especially for those with a trained eye in all things pay per head, as are we. PayPerHead247 is one of those pph operators that look just nifty on the get-go, but then start showing the cracks as soon as you start doing some serious digging in.

As we just stated, PPH247’s overall presentation (as attested by the contents of their homepage) is just what you’d expect: It’s a reel of attractive models appearing alongside some catchy and alluring texts conveying the many charms of their services, but that is precisely where the flaws begin to make a show.

Priced amongst the middle-to-high ranks of the pay per head price charts, states agents can sign up to their services for $10 – or less -, and that 20+ years of experience in the business should but suffice to convince you to do the needy.

How well do these folks live up to their promises?
You’re just about to find out, but in the meantime, you can relish in the fact that we’ve graded this particular operator with a middling 53 points, out of 100 total awarded.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 7/15 Points

To start off with a $10 per active head price isn’t necessarily the best of ‘presentation cards’, particularly the case when most of the competition have lowered their costs to a menial $5 or $6 per head.

What makes them “so much better” than the rest? We couldn’t really figure this one out either, as all they advertise as their main and most positive features are just about the exact same things everyone else offers. There isn’t a ‘demo’ version for agents or players to speak of, and they don’t even seem to bother trying putting out a clear picture of their actual apps and reporting sheets anywhere.

How can we verify that their product is actually worth its price? We couldn’t do that ourselves.

Promos 4/10 Points

Yes, there’s a Free Trial advertised on their homepage, but there isn’t a single clue anywhere as to how long this would actually last. One or Two Weeks? Beats us, but there’s supposedly a Free Trial.

To make things worse, we immediately tried finding out via a LIVE Chat link, conveniently positioned at the upper right-hand side of their homepage. But alas, that link seems to be broken, and my browser program kept insisting I “chose” the program with which to open it up.

Good going, PayPerHead247! – We meant it as sarcasm, of course.

Agent Admin 7/15 Points

Nothing to gasp over here!

Again, there isn’t an ‘Agent Demo’ anywhere to be found, just very convenient statements placed here and there about the quality of their product. So, we’re left thinking they possess an average set of agent management tools with the usual features that include player limit setup, weekly reporting, and all the rest. Then again, we REALLY wish we could have seen the tools with our own eyes.

There is ONE aspect we thought worth mentioning. The people behind PayPerHead247’s website did pay a lot of attention to the keyword placement and SEO values; you’ll see pay-per-head related articles and contents spattered all over the place. Seemed to us like they REALLY wanted us to find them; whether their product is worth the while or not… We’ll leave it to you to make the call.

Sportsbook 9/15 Points

What is there in regards to sports odds offering at PayPerHead247?

Quite literally: “An expanded sportsbook with access to both major and secondary sports. This should include both US and international leagues.”

Sounds about BASIC. offers all the same sports products that are also available on many of its competitors. We couldn’t really find much at all about LIVE betting of any kind, or on whether there’s a possibility to more properly set up players profiles in order to condition them to separate betting line profiles.

If you come by better luck than us at finding any of this out, please, by all means, would you give us a heads-up? 😉

Casino 7/10 Points

Yawn… PayPerHead247 failed to surprise us in the Casino department as well.

Sure, adding casino gaming to your sportsbook helps you make up for some of the losses that will come, time and again, when a football or basketball game ends up taking a weird turn and you end up on the wrong side of the point total or the point spread, however, a seemingly average collection of slots and basic card games, and maybe some live dealers (fingers crossed), look to be the only side dish available for your players to “diversify” their action.

We’ve seen better shows of casino software collections…. NEXT!

Horses 2/5 Points

There is not much information on the home page about the specifics of their horse racing options (What a surprise!) While the page discusses the possibility of setting up a basic sportsbook, given the $10 pay per head sportsbook charge that you would pay for each active client, if you want to make horse racing an important part of your sportsbook operation, you might want to choose a different platform.

We can’t help but wonder why so many PPH operators prefer to leave things “in the dark”, as opposed to being a little more blunt and straight-forward about their products. The days of shady, “give me a call to discuss it more deeply” days are LONG GONE. Just a hint!

Call Center 5/10 Points

Probably the worst part of our review for PayPerHead247 must have been the disappointment we felt at seeing the LIVE Chat link fail.

There are links on the mobile homepage that take you right to landing pages for calling and emailing support. The support number is (877) 386-0180, and representatives are available 24/7, in both English and Spanish, supposedly.

Then again, seeing the only real LIVE chat option crash right before our eyes left us with a really unsavory aftertaste in our mouths. Might want to get a technician involved like YESTERDAY!

Payment Methods 1/5 Points


Based on the website, it is not clear what payment methods offers to sportsbook agents and betting clients. Throughout the industry, Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and such wire services as MoneyGram are standard, so it stands to reason that would offer those as well.

Given the relatively high starting point for the PPH weekly fees, that lack of information is a bit surprising, if not outright depressing.

Mobile Friendliness 11/15 Points

We’re hoping that lives up to their claims in regards to their mobile optimization. Upon our first look via mobile, there were none of the confusing visual features, such as a contact form you have to fill out before you can see the home page. The links to contact support via phone or email are easy to find, at the top of the home page, and they work quickly. Navigating the site on a smartphone is easy due to contrasting colors and clear text.

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that their agent/player functionalities may be rendered as well on mobile. Just giving them the “benefit of the doubt” on this one.


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How To Become A Bookie?

To become a professional bookie the two most crucial things you must complete are finding out how to attract players as well as signing up with a pay-per-head service to place bets from your players automatically using betting software.

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Pay-per-head is an online bookmaker offering its services for sports, casino, and horse racing betting to a specific clientele through a bookie software or sportsbook service provider.