NFL Week 18 – Final Countdown for Regular Season

NFL Week 18 Final Countdown for Regular Season

NFL Week 18 is the last week of the regular season. This is the final lap of the league, and it’s the last chance for playoff hopefuls. Here is the NFL Week 18 Final Countdown.

Below, we examine several key matchups this week that could have playoff implications. We also distinguish between matches with late and early NFL betting value. In other words, we’re looking for the best ways to place a bet now and later.

Let’s look at the NFL line odds and statistics. You can find plenty of NFL Week 18 picks and Vegas NFL odds.

Chiefs vs. Raiders (+8 1/2)

Backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham and the Las Vegas Raiders were close to winning the upset in Week 17. However, they lost in overtime by just 39 to 36. The Raiders lost to the 49ers in overtime. This defeat takes some of Las Vegas’ motivation to play in this divisional matchup during the last week of the season.

It might not be as simple as that. It will be Stidham’s second consecutive start, giving him an opportunity to show his skills and get consideration for next season. As Josh McDaniels, the head coach of the team, evaluates his first season in Sin City, other players will feel similarly motivated to compete for their spots on the roster.

This is a clash of divisions against a hated opponent, despite the organizational and internal motivations. There is also the chance that there will be spoilers. The Chiefs are vying for the No. The Chiefs are in the hunt for the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and a loss against the Raiders could dampen those ambitions.

The Chiefs should win this match, according to all indications. But covering the spread is another matter. The Chiefs have had a difficult time covering the spread this season. They only managed a 5-10-1 record in 17 weeks. They are just 1-4-0 ATS with spreads of 10 or more. Grab your points while you can with the Raiders.

Giants vs. Eagles (-14).

In Week 17, the New York Giants beat the Indianapolis Colts 38-10 to secure a playoff spot. The Giants are now locked in at No. The Giants are locked in on the No. 6 seed in the NFC. This means that they have no impact on the outcome of the final week. Brian Daboll may be moved to rest some starters.

The Philadelphia Eagles are not the same. They still want to win the NFC East title and even the No. 1 seed in the NFC. They’ve had two chances, but they couldn’t make the most of them. Backup quarterback Gardner Minshew is now in charge of the offense, replacing Jalen Hurts, who was injured.

In Week 16, Mineshew and the Eagles were defeated by the Dallas Cowboys. They lost 40–34 to their division champions. They were stunned by the New Orleans Saints last Sunday in a 20-10 defeat.

The markets had a staggering 14-point spread for this game when they went to press.

Philadelphia is expected to win, given the incentives. However, everything about this market contrasts with its current state. The last two weeks have shown just how crucial Jalen Hurts has been to the offense. Side bettors shouldn’t wait to find out who will play in NFL Week 18, especially in Philly’s camp.

Lions vs. Packers (-4 1/2)

The race for a Wild Card into the playoffs is on between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. This puts a premium on their matchup in NFL Week 18.

Both the Packers and the Lions have improved their performances over the last few weeks. The Lions have won seven of the last nine games, and they have covered eight. The Packers won four consecutive games and five of the last seven. During this stretch, they are also 5-2-0 against the spread.

The Packers were priced at -4 1/2 in the markets, an increase from the look ahead NFL line at Packers -31/2 after Aaron Rodgers and Co. decimated the Minnesota Vikings 41-17 at Lambeau Field.

Early consensus betting trends online suggest that the public favors the Packers. This trend could push the line higher. Lions’ side bettors may want to wait to see if they can get better odds against the spread.

Green Bay supporters might be tempted, however, to grab the 4 1/2 points early before the line gets higher. However, it’s possible for people in this group not to rush and wait to see what happens. This line could be driven down by a mid-to-late-week buyback of the Lions, possibly even to last week’s objective look ahead.

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