NFL Week 17 Game Of The Week: Panthers vs Buccaneers

NFL Week 17 Game Of The Week: Panthers vs Buccaneers

The Carolina Panthers plan to grab the NFC South title at the last minute.

The Panthers (6-9-0) are in an unexpected position and poised to challenge the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-0) for the divisional title in NFL Week 17. Nobody could have predicted what the Panthers would look like after the start of the 2022 season. We are exactly where we are. It’s the beauty of any Sunday.

We look at the most recent betting odds online and see that the Buccaneers are priced at -190 on the moneyline (bet $190 for $100 to win $100) and as the 3 1/2-point favorite at home in point spread betting.

Wait, consensus betting shows that Carolina is placing slightly more bets right now than Tampa Bay. [What?] [What?] Are we seriously considering placing a bet against Tom Brady to make way for Sam Darnold? It’s not. To make sure no one forgets, the G-O-A-T has arrived.

This is the most important question we ask as we weigh in on the fascinating battle between the Buccaneers and the Panthers.

Let’s take a look at the most recent Panthers vs. Buccaneers NFL odds, stats, and injury reports. There are plenty of Vegas NFL picks and NFL Week 17 odds for you to take into consideration.

Odds of Panthers vs. Buccaneers

Spread: Buccaneers 3 1/2 (-110)

Buccaneers -190

Under/Over: O 40 1/2 (-110)| U 40 1/2 (-110)

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The preseason NFL lookahead lines predicted that this game would be played at Tampa Bay at -9. However, that early view didn’t hold up over time. Market adjustments have been widespread as the Buccaneers have not lived up to their high standards.

Tampa Bay was projected to win 6 1/2 games in Week 16. However, that line didn’t make it to the official cut as markets went to press with Tampa Bay at -4. It has been lowered to Tampa Bay -3 since then and is currently at -3 1/2.

This week’s action against Todd Bowles’ team appears to have been triggered by the public beating down on Carolina in the early hours. This was evidently in response to Week 16’s solid win by the Panthers over the Detroit Lions and equally to the fact that the Buccaneers had to work overtime to defeat the Arizona Cardinals.

Are we choosing Carolina?

Carolina is a dangerous floater, according to the statistics. The Panthers have won five out of their last ten games since interim head coach Sam Wilks assumed control in Week 6. They are now NFC South contenders.

The Panthers’ boost came from Darnold’s return to the starting lineup. They’ve enjoyed a 3-1 run with Darnold, their fifth-year quarterback.

These statistics can be misleading, despite how churlish they might sound. You will find that the majority of wins were against middling teams if you dig deeper. They beat the Atlanta Falcons! They beat the Atlanta Falcons (shocking!). The Lions.

Separately, how are we to interpret the fact that they lost at home to the Mitch Trubisky-inspired Pittsburgh Steelers? Talk about head-scratchers.

Carolina is currently 8-7-0 ATS in the last 15 games with an average loss margin of -1.6.

Carolina is 1-5-0 SU in six of its last six road games with a -7.5 average margin of loss.

Carolina is now 3-3-0 ATS in its six road games with a -7.5 average loss margin.

Carolina is currently 3-2-0 in its last five away games with an average of -8.4 losses as a road underdog.

Buccaneers get trapped.

The stats don’t support the Buccaneers as a betting favorite. It’s clear.

This isn’t the Buccaneers team with the dizzying numbers or the one that won Super Bowl 55 under Bruce Arians’ stewardship. Under Bowles, it’s been a hard—and sometimes painful—ride. The offense and Brady have not been spectacular, and the defense has seen its fair share of struggles. They’ve done enough to keep up with the NFC South.

This team knows how to win. Although they might not be playing the best football, they are finding ways to win and giving themselves a chance at a postseason run. Vintage Brady is able to pull off a win like Sunday’s victory over the Cards.

The Buccaneers had lost to Carolina earlier in the season by 21-3. P.J. Williams was the Panthers’ backup quarterback. Walker. Walker.

Brady has had only one team and one head coach pick him as the starting quarterback in his career. It is Sean Payton’s New Orleans Saints who have done it twice in a row (2020 and 2022).

Tampa Bay has a record of 3-11-1 ATS in the last 15 games with a -2.5 average loss margin.

Tampa Bay has a record of 4-4-0 SU in eight of its home games.

Tampa Bay has a record of 0-6-1 ATS over its seven home games with a -2.6 average margin of loss.

Tampa Bay’s last six home games have seen it lose 0-5-1 ATS with an average -1.2 margin.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers Betting Predictions

The Buccaneers have been unable to spread the points in the best way possible. As far as side betting goes, it’s clear that no team is worse than the Buccaneers. It’s understandable that bettors may be reluctant to place the points on the Bucs because of this fear. They are a great bet to win this game.

With a win, the Buccaneers will secure the NFC South title. A Panthers win will move Carolina into first place, pushing the title-decision match to the final week of the regular season. Brady and Co. would hate to see that happen.

The stakes are too high, and the reward for a win is even greater. Who should bettors place their trust in such heartbreaking situations? Brady? Darnold? Or Darnold?

Darnold has never lost a division title or a playoff game in his five years of service in the NFL. He’s not even on a winning team. While a 3-1 win is nice and easy, it is not the end-all. It doesn’t mean anything unless it does.

In a game under pressure, we have yet to see Darnold’s true potential. It is a game that will define his career and put the season on the line. He must do it against Brady and the Bucs, in spite of all the expectations he will face from his coach, team, teammates, and fans. Darnold may not live up to your expectations.

Betting Tampa Bay is a good bet for straight-up and against the spread NFL picks. The best thing about the former is that the line is reduced, which means we can buy low.

Get ready for the last weeks of the NFL season.

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