NFL Week 16 Game Of The Week Bills at Bears

NFL Week 16 Game Of The Week: Bills at Bears

The Buffalo Bills will try to win the AFC East title while simultaneously advancing their bid for No. 1 in the AFC. They will be the No. 1 seed in NFL Week 16 when they visit the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Christmas Eve.

The Bears (3-11-0) are out of the NFC playoff picture. They have nothing to play for except pride in the final weeks of the regular season in 2022. They lack the talent and overall ability to compete with one of the top teams in the league.

The stark contrast between the two teams is evident at the sportsbook exchange. The Bills (11-3-0) are runaway favorites priced at -400 to lose (bet $400 for $100 to win $100), and the Bears are big home underdogs priced at +320 (bet $100 for $320 to win $320).

The point spread and total betting market further underline the mismatch, with the Bears being +9 1/2 points ahead of the Bills, and the Bills offering a total of 40 points.

The Bills are certain to win this game. But can they also cover the spread? The question is, are they a good bet for all NFL picks in Week 16?

Let’s answer that question by looking at the most recent NFL odds, stats, and injury reports. There are plenty of Vegas NFL odds, and NFL Week 16 picks available for you to take into consideration.

NFL Week 16 Odds in the Preseason

On the spread, the Bills are -8 (Ev).

On the moneyline, the Bills are -395 and the Bears are +315.

Over/Under: O 39½ (-110) | U 39½ (-110)

The Bills are 8-point favorites. This is an increase from the Bills’ preseason line of 7, but a decrease of half a percentage from last week’s lookahead line of 10.

The Buffalo Bills are in first place.

The Bills won their fifth consecutive Saturday Night Football victory, defeating the Miami Dolphins 32 to 29 on a field goal. This result cemented their position at the top of the AFC East standings as well as keeping them ahead of the AFC playoff race.

The Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs are tied at 11-3-0, but the Bills hold the key head-to-head tiebreaker.

Josh Allen and Co. had a 29-21 deficit in the fourth quarter before they began their comeback. The late arrival of snow in the fourth quarter was a factor. It would be disingenuous, however, to claim that it was the only factor responsible for the turnaround.

The Bills were on the verge of defeat, and they didn’t let up. Allen was clutch, and the offense rallied. The defense also stepped up when it really mattered by stopping Tua Tagovailoa’s explosive offense in the last 10 minutes. The end result was a team effort that was complete and thorough.

In its last 14 games, Buffalo has been 6-7-1 ATS.

In its seven road games, Buffalo is now 3-3-1 ATS.

Buffalo is 2-4-0 ATS with spreads of 9 1/2 and higher.


Justin Fields was the Bears’ offensive player against the Philadelphia Eagles. This demonstrates his value as a future builder for Chicago. In Chicago’s 25-20 loss to the Eagles in Week 15, Fields completed 14 of 21 passes for 152 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 95 yards on 15 runs for 95 yards.

Fields was taken aback and amazed. He did all he could. He did not win the upset by himself, but the Bears were the +8 home underdogs.

After a week of beatings and banging, the Bears are limping towards the finish line. The Bears are currently on a seven-game losing streak. This is second to the Houston Texans’ 0-9 streak. They also have a tough schedule for the last three weeks against three of the most popular teams in the league.

It’s difficult to imagine them stopping the bleeding in these circumstances. Fields also appeared to have suffered a leg injury during last Sunday’s game. However, he returned to the field after a quick evaluation and was able to drive for a touchdown.

Field’s competitiveness, toughness, and dedication are unsurpassed. However, with Field’s status up for discussion this weekend, the Bears may find it difficult to keep up with the Bills, let alone win.

Chicago is 5-8-1 ATS over its last 14 games.

Chicago is now 3-3-1 ATS in its last seven home games.

Chicago is 0-2-0 at ATS with spreads greater than 9 1/2.

NFL Week 16: Bills vs. Bears Betting Verdict

The Bears’ heroic efforts to hold the Eagles to a narrow five-point victory margin that defied all NFL odds are likely to be the catalyst for the NFL line’s slight shift against the Bills. The Bills’ win over the Dolphins was a hard-fought victory that they had to come from behind to achieve.

If you are looking to back the Bills, then getting them for half a point less on the spread might prove to be a value play. This is especially important considering the uncertainty surrounding Fields’ status on Saturday. It would be devastating if the sophomore quarterback is unable to play or if his mobility is impaired in any way.

Even with the home advantage, Chicago would find it difficult to win this under ideal circumstances. It’s impossible without Fields and his electric play.

It is important to remember that the Bills don’t have the luxury of being caught off guard here. The AFC East title is still on the line. It’s important to stay in front of the AFC for No. Another motivating factor is the number one seed.

The Bills should win the game and beat a team that has been playing through the string of their season. The Bills are 9 1/2-point favorites going into the game.

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