Naomi Osaka

New WTA Rule is the Reason Why Naomi Osaka Remains #2

New WTA rule keeps Naomi Osaka #2 in WTA Rankings

It was no surprise at all! – Japanese Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka got to keep her title as queen of the Australian Open in the female single’s category on Saturday due to WTA new rule.

The 23-year-old moved up to second-best at the Women’s Tennis Association’s rankings after defeating newcomer Jennifer Brady, and sits now right below Australias’ Ash Barty, even if Barty missed most of the court action during 2020.

But, why is the now-winner of two Australian Open titles not enjoying the top spot in the world’s biggest tennis organization of her sex?

The answer appears to be nothing else but a technicality: According to the tenets of the WTA’s rulebook, prior to 2020, female tennis players would earn their WTA ranking points on the basis of their scorecards from the previews 52 weeks. Then came the spread COVID-19.

The sudden cancellation of every single tennis event, and/or the travel restrictions imposed all around the world impeded many players participating in international tournaments, which put them at a disadvantage before other players, like Osaka, who did manage to stay somewhat active throughout the pandemic. It is because of this situation that the WTA’s organizers decided to extend the time frame for ratings qualification to a larger two-year period, counting only the best sixteen scores obtained throughout.

As per our latest check of the WTA rankings, Barty stands on top of the list with 9186 ranking points, closely followed by Osaka with 7835 pts.

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