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Dr. PPH holds the highest degree of security and credibility. A Firma that prescribes valuable information to you and helps to find the perfect Pay Per Head option for your business model.

Dr. PPH reviews each site and also its experience into the industry. Dr. PPH evaluates benefits such as 24/7 wagering and customer service contacts.
Lines management performance, VIP sections, special 800 #, facility options like multilingual contact services and software. Also website design, fees, race book and casino performance are a must. The option to create your unique website is a plus when selecting a PPH supporter. Rebates and promos are always good to consider and compare. Dr. PPH is your best partner and tool to make the right choice.

We encourage our friends and customers to express their feedback and suggestions regarding their experience as a customer in a PPH provider. We
look to enrich and multiply the answers and customer’s expectations.

Dr.´s reviews are measured and lead by online gaming experts and top accounts managers. Experienced bookmakers that understand the passion
and expectation of players.

Join Dr. PPH today and review your PPH site by learning more about your customer´s feedback!

Feel free to contact Dr. PPH at [email protected] and get today the information and reviews your business needs for success!

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Dear customers, we would like to remind you that our CHAT is available on all websites 24/7 for any questions or issues that you may have. Due to the current situation affecting us all, our online CHAT is our main channel of communication, so we encourage you to use it when in need. Thank you

Estimados clientes, les queremos recordar que nuestro CHAT de servicio al cliente esta disponible 24/7 en todas nuestras paginas para cualquier consulta que puedan tener. Debido a la situacion actual que nos afecta a todos queremos reforzar el uso del mismo ya que es nuestro principal canal de comunicacion. Gracias

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