IDSCA PPH Bookie Software Review

Every Pay Per Head provider is different, even when they have the exact same PPH software package other operators use, or when they’re based out from the same exact location as 80% of their competitors. The difference often lies in their “human” factor, and the approach they take on their business niche, if they have one at all. While some prefer to keep the fine details about their services in the dark, others may prefer to blurt it all out for everyone to see… it’s always a flurry of options.

In the case of, the “labelling” isn’t as easy to get done. Their homepage isn’t what one would expect from the typical PPH online platforms of our day and age, as it looks more like a ‘sports blog’ than a services provider per se. Finding detailed information about their services isn’t something that will be happening either with them, as they’ve chosen to keep most valuable info to themselves, and it will take more than a few minutes of your time to find out anything at all.

We still don’t know how much they charge, what their apps look like, and even less how they actually function. There wasn’t a demo version to be found anywhere, and the few times we tried to get a hold of their online chat reps, all we got was a “sorry, please leave us a message” prompt. Not the best introductory card, by any DrPPH standards.

Lest we forget, IDSca claims to have been around for more than 20 years, and to provide services to some of the most renown online sportsbooks in the world, including such classic brands like 5Dimes and YouWager. What kind of services? Beats us… but we suppose there’s some kind of connection there somewhere.

While still pretty confused about their frame, we have no choice but to give these guys 50 points out of a total of 100.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 5/15 Points

So, IDSca advertises a two-tier system, with one basic package called the ‘Classic’ and one more complete deal named the ‘Premium’.

What are the differences between the packages?
Not a single clue, though it’d be fair to assume the Classic tier provides you with all the basics (regular sports lines, basic casino, horses and support services), while the Premium would include more varied betting options, maybe one or two more casino game platforms and a few other perks. We tried getting them on their Live Chat to find out more about the two-tier system, but we never actually got a response.

Sorry ISDca, but we can’t spend the time calling out your agents to find out what should be easily displayed on site. We truly hope you aren’t losing potential customers with your “hard-to-get” attitude. Either way, we hope they aren’t charging more than $5 per head; it doesn’t look to be worth more than that overall.

Promos 5/10 Points

IDSca also mentions a ‘One-Week Trial’ as their main hook-up promo, and we suppose that time frame should suffice to test their main action features, though we would have liked to have seen a slightly larger deal instead. Once again, it is not like they’re making it easy to figure out what they have and offer; they might want to extend that just a little bit for comfort’s sake.

A little more work by their marketing team could be in order.

Agent Admin 8/15 Points

There wasn’t much we were able to discover in terms of ‘agent admin tools’ proper, except for a few mentions about what you would be able to do with their software. They talked about agents enjoying “full control over lines and offerings”, and we suppose they have all the basic reporting features, hopefully including a LIVE action ticker and some other similar quick-click featurettes.

We tried clicking on a DEMO link we found on their homepage, but oddly enough, it just led us right back to the very same page.

Why must we always “beg” for easily-displayed info? Including maybe a few pictures here and there wouldn’t hurt either.

Sportsbook 9/15 Points

The same trope as with the rest here: Lots of hyperbolic statements about their extensive sports menu, and a lot of focus put on their In-Game offerings, though it wasn’t clear to us from their statements how many live events they’d be actually covering: While one quote mentioned 1200 events monthly for LIVE action, another one claims its a bigger 6000 events figure.

Can they make up their mind? Consistency people… consistency. It goes a LOOOONG way.

Casino 5/10 Points

It’s always very amusing when stumbling upon a “Learn More” button that leads you directly to a Registration Form, without actually informing you on ANYTHING.

That is exactly what happens when you try to find out some more about their Casino platform’s offerings. In short, they claim to possess the “most-requested casino software”…

Then again, since we didn’t have any way to test their Casino games ourselves, we’re left only with the option of taking them on their statements at face value.

Horses 4/5 Points

Now, HERE’s something that drew our attention.

Whether true or not, IDSca says they feature “nearly 200 tracks in horserace betting”, stemming from both US and International locales.

It would have been nice to find this out on our own with a Demo version… but there goes the neighborhood, as they say.

Call Center 4/10 Points

IDSca’s call center is available 24/7 at (866) 225-5437, or so they claim.

Their website advertises a multilingual call center staff (although the languages are not specified) and a LIVE chat is also available 24/7 via a button that appears at the bottom right on the home page, though every time we tried to get them to chat with us (at different regular working hours, we never got a reply).

For the record, we don’t tend to reach out to PPH operators via phone lines if there is a supposedly “working” chat service. If the offered Chat window doesn’t work, then, we WILL turn to other alternatives, but more often than not, several failed online chat attempts will be the end of our interaction efforts. Just to be perfectly clear about our procedures.

Payment Methods 2/5 Points

Back when we first reviewed a few months ago, we’d found a list of payment options that included Cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum), bankwires, paypal, e-checks and some other methods.

Sadly, upon this last check-up, we didn’t fare with as much luck during our research, and since our attempts of contact failed, we’re left pretty much with ZERO information in regards to their available payment options, their processing time frames, or anything therein.

Just lovely.

Mobile Friendliness 8/15 Points

If you come across a platform that is not mobile optimized and does not offer the same functionality on a tablet or smartphone that it does on a laptop or desktop, just… Don’t sign up with them.

In so far as supposed mobile-services are concerned, IDSca claims they do just as much, on both the agent and bettor size. The font variations and the elementary look of the columns on the website pages are irritating to the user, but it does appear that functionality is present for users in a mobile setting.


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