How do you create an online betting site

How do you Create an Online Betting Site?

We live in extraordinary times, as most states in the U.S. have legalized online betting. Although it may seem shocking to some that an online betting site was legalized at first, informal forms like fantasy sports have been around for many decades.

The popularity of online sports betting has led to a lot of new sites popping up. If you don’t have a way to go online, you could be left behind in the betting industry.

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Here are the general steps you can follow to create an online betting site brought to you by Dr. PPH: 

Research and choose a niche: Before you create an online betting site, you need to do research and choose a niche. You can pick to focus on sports betting, casino games, or a combination of both.

Select a platform: The next step is to pick a platform for your online betting site. You can either develop your platform in-house or use an existing one like DraftKings or Bet365.

Obtain licenses and permits: You need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate a betting site in your region or country. This typically involves applying for a gaming license from the relevant regulatory body.

Develop the site: Once you have selected a platform and obtained the necessary licenses and permits, you can start developing your online betting site. This involves creating the user interface, integrating payment gateways, and setting up security measures.

Select a payment gateway: You need to select a payment gateway that allows your customers to make deposits and withdrawals on your site. This typically involves integrating popular payment methods like credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Offer attractive bonuses and promotions: To attract customers to your online betting site, you need to offer attractive bonuses and promotions. This can include welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, and free bets.

Market your site: Once your online betting site is up and running, you need to market it to attract customers. This can include online advertising, social media marketing, and affiliate partnerships.

Provide customer support: You need to provide customer support to help your customers with any issues or questions they may have. This can include live chat, email support, and phone support.

Creating an online betting site can be a challenging process, but with the right strategy and execution, you can create a successful online business in this industry.

Why an Online Betting Site?

Legal online sports betting is still a relatively new concept. People who wish to bet online on sports usually have to do it through a local bookie, or travel to Las Vegas to place their bets.

However, this has changed with the rapid-paced digital revolution that is taking place around the globe today.

A market research firm estimates that the industry of online sports betting will grow at a rate of 9% annually over the next five years.

If we do the math right, this would mean a 45% increase over the next five years. We can only assume that it will continue to grow, as we are still in the early adoption phase.

This is the sign you need to open a sports betting website. It’s now.

Choose a Sport for your Online Betting site.

You will need to select a sport that you would like your site to be focused on: football, basketball, horse racing, or esports.

Although most sportsbook software sites offer multiple sports betting options, it is best to concentrate on one sport at a time. You can expect to spend large amounts on marketing campaigns if you want to tackle multiple sports.

It has its benefits to focus on one sport. Your website will be tailored to a particular niche, which will improve the user experience. This will make it easier to market your website because you can pinpoint your target audience more precisely.

If you create a website for golf, then you already know that you are targeting golfers.

Next, it is important to create incentives and games that are unique to your sport. You might include wagers on who will score the lowest round, who will shoot a high round, and who will have more birdies.

This is a broad range of betting options that can be used to place a bet on your chosen niche.

After you have selected your niche and created a number of bets around that, you will need to concentrate on marketing. This should be easier if you are marketing for a particular sport.

Check this Guide to Marketing Strategies for Bookies

Focusing on your niche will result in a smaller target market. This allows you to create more targeted marketing campaigns that should result in a greater number of return players (players who place multiple bets on your site).

Site Development

This is the difficult part. You will need to work with a developer team to build the site’s framework. It is important for players to be confident that they are placing their money on a secure platform. Players also need to know that you (the house) aren’t doing any shady business behind closed doors.

How can you give them peace of mind? Here is the moment you make the decision about how to build the site.

This is a critical step in the process. This step in the process requires careful consideration.

Not only will your players be safe, but you can also ensure that your site isn’t compromised by hackers or other disruptions.

It doesn’t mean you have to be the largest site at the start. It is more indispensable to be the most secure betting site.

Three common solutions exist when developing a site.

Start from scratch.

This would be a totally custom platform. This option is the most costly. This option can cost anywhere from $300,000 up to $3,000,000 to get started. This cost includes licensing, certifications, development, and marketing promotions.

If you only plan to serve one sport, licensing may be cheaper. The price of development would remain the same and could range from $80,000 to $100,000.

The budget will include a significant amount for marketing promotions. Marketing promotions are a major part of some of the most popular betting sites. They are willing to spend millions on marketing promotions, which shows how important they really are.

White Labeling

White labeling might be new to you. This is a practice that’s used in many industries on the internet.

Let’s say we want to make hand lotion. You would approach a white-label company to create your hand lotion.

They are not responsible for the product. They will put the hand lotion in the container with a “white” or blank label.

The white-label company charges you based on the number of units you wish to purchase. You send your brand to them to print and place on lotion bottles.

This principle could also be applied to your sports betting software website. For your personal site, you could use the sports betting platform of a larger company.

The cost of this method can range from $10,000 to $350,000. This method is more cost-effective than traditional development and can get you up and running much faster.

This route will give you a template website that you can only modify. This could impact the user experience of your website, depending on how your site operates and what features you wish to provide.


You may be able to become a licensee of some larger sports betting sites. Although this is the cheapest way to get started, you won’t have your own website.

Although you may own a website URL, the primary purpose of your site is to drive traffic to a larger betting site.

Even though the startup cost is lower, the profit is still low. This licensee situation means that you only get a percentage of the revenue generated by the larger site.

This option is similar to paying a small entry fee to set up a marketing channel on a larger site. This method costs anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000,

Website must-haves

No matter what development route you choose, there are certain features that your website must have.

Your site should have a payment gateway that supports multiple currencies. Your site should also offer great customer service.

A CRM should be part of your customer support system to manage your relationships with customers.

You should also be using licensed software to understand the betting system. Because you will be handling the players’ money, it is important to be professional and knowledgeable.

This is especially essential in the initial stages of your website. You will likely be your own customer support team.


Licenses are complex, and there is much more than we can cover here. However, you should do your research about where you would like to get your license.

Find out which states currently allow live betting on sports and which have legislation in the works.

You will also benefit from knowing which states have anti-gambling legislation that prohibits you from operating in their territory.

We want you to run a profitable, safe, and professional business. We don’t want anyone taken away in handcuffs.

Currently, the majority of PPH gambling businesses prefer to be based in Costa Rica, Curacao, or the Isle of Man.

Every location has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to do the research.

For the site you are trying to launch, a particular location might be best. There are restrictions about where your company can be found, who can access the platform, and where your servers can be placed. Each location will have its own restrictions.

Your Betting Site

Online betting on sports is here to stay. Although it will require a significant initial investment and some time, it is worth it if you are patient enough to make it work.

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