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Golden Knights Get Mattias Janmark in Trade

-Swedish-born Mattias Janmark was traded by Chicago to the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

-The former forward for the Blackhawks was part of a 3-way deal between the Blackhawks, Las Vegas and the Sharks. 

Recent online reports – including those stemming from Sin City itself – have it that Chicago forward Mattias Janmark will be theirs’ no more, but an intrinsic part of a rehashed Golden Knights squad instead.

This Monday, Las Vegas confirmed they acquired Janmark for a 2nd round pick in the upcoming 2021 NHL Draft, as part of a larger trade deal that includes defenseman Nick DeSimone, from the San Jose Sharks team.

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Three-Way Deal between Sharks, Golden Knights & Blackhawks

The Las Vegas Golden Knights confirmed today they acquired Sweedish hockey player Mattias  Janmark-Nylen (28) straight from the ranks of the Blackhawks, where he performed the duties of a forward, and Nick DeSimone, from the Sharks, as a second-round pick (2021 draft), plus a third-round pick (2022 draft). In return, Chicago gets a second-round pick, and a third-rounder for the 2022 draft as well. 

Janmark, who missed out on Chicago’s Saturday game vs the Blue Jackets, had been rumored for a potential trade deal throughout the last few days, following a planned restructuring process, aimed at “rejuvenating” the team’s roster. 

The athlete has been active in the sports since 2011, and joined the NHL ranks back in 2013, when he joined the Red Wings as 79th overall league draftee. He’s only managed to improve his profile in the NHL lately, when he took a more relevant role in the Chicago ensemble, amassing a total of 10 goals throughout his stay with the Blackhawks. 

The Golden Knights are currently positioned 2nd in the NHL’s West Division. 

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