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Frequently Used Payment Methods for PPH Sportsbook Platforms

When you sign up to run your sportsbook from an online platform, one question that some of your betting clients might ask you is how they can put money into their account. Each platform has its own policies as far as which payment methods you can use, and those methods often come with attached fees. Take a quick look at this list of the most common used Payment Methods for PPH Sportsbook.

One of the most popular payment methods that pph sportsbook platforms use is Bitcoin. There was a time when this cryptocurrency was seen skeptically, but in 2020, Bitcoin grew more than 300 percent against the U.S. dollar. It actually hit an all-time high near the start of 2021, going over US$34,000. Other cryptocurrencies, such as ether, have recently experienced surges in value as well. 

People who like Bitcoin like the fact that it doesn’t need a central bank or other central authority, and many view it as a way to avoid the risks of inflation, such as gold. Because of the amount of money going into government stimulus packages to fight the economic ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation has become more and more of a risk, which Bitcoin can help investors fight.

Services such as Western Union and MoneyGram are also popular ways to deposit and withdraw your money from a pph sportsbook platform. These do come with some associated fees, but they offer instant availability, which is a plus when it comes to betting clients. Also, you can make these transfers online, with the days of having to head down to a transfer site with a wad of cash part of the distant past.

Other popular options include the third-party payment service PayPal. Not as many sportsbook platforms offer PayPal because of the occasional audits that PayPal runs to make sure that, well, money from gambling venues and other (in some countries) legally questionable revenue sources is not passing through its accounts. The security that PayPal offers from hackers is top-notch, so if you can get access to PayPal, consider that platform.

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