Easy Steps to Grow Your Online Sportsbook

So you’ve set up your sportsbook on a top-of-the-line pay per head platform. The friends and family members who were already betting with you have signed up on your website. However, you are having a difficult time turning that initial business into a real revenue stream, because you just do not have enough bettors to make the profits enough to justify the time you are spending. You’re getting close to the point where you might have to pull the plug – or at least give up on the dream of having your sportsbook become your full time job. Before you stop grinding, though, take a look at some tips you can use to grow your online sportsbook operation.

Easy Steps to Grow Sportsbook

If you want to know how to develop your business online, one place to begin is to integrate social media and deliver quality content. Do you want to establish yourself as an expert when it comes to sports betting? Of course you do – that way, people will believe that your book is where they should invest their money. You can establish yourself as an expert by providing content that shows your knowledge. Setting up a blog on a platform such as WordPress is a great place to begin. 

Start a blog that has your weekly picks. Then, start a page on such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your blog – and post content on it several times a week. You can have a weekly picks article for different sports. The more in-depth your content is, the more people will trust you. It won’t hurt if your picks turn out right more often than not, as well.

You also want to make sure that all of your content is mobile optimized. People spend less and less time sitting down in front of a computer. Instead, they want to use a tablet or a smartphone, particularly when they are not at work. This means that recreational content, including your blog and your sportsbook, needs to be available in a format that smartphone users can read and navigate easily.

Once you have your content and your social media up and running, it may be worthwhile to you to invest in advertising on the social media platforms. In the early going, though, see if your own networks can’t spread the word and build your business. Word of mouth is a terrific way to build a sportsbook, and people are more likely to bet with someone whom their friend trusts than with a book that had a flashy ad.

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