Cryptocurrency in the Pay-Per-Head Industry

Cryptocurrency in the Pay-Per-Head Industry

The Pay-Per-Head industry caters to those who wish to use an online gambling service to book bets for others. They handle all the lines and odds for games, and they grade each wager after each sporting event is over. Learn about Cryptocurrency in the PPH business.

These services allow bookies to place their players on the website with their user ID and password, and all lines are up-to-date until the second. They are also available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.

A pay-per-head bookie service costs only $10 per player per week. You are only charged if the player places a graded bet for the week. If you’re a bookie with 35 accounts, but only 15 have graded their wagers, you’ll only be charged $150 for the entire week. You would then be the bookie responsible for collecting the total losses of each player. The remaining 100% would remain yours.

This is a great business model because it allows all parties to make money. The bookmaker can earn an unlimited amount each week depending on how many players lose. However, only $10 is charged per player. These pay-per-head services are able to maintain low costs for agents by having thousands of paying agents every week.

Dr. PPH Reviews will aid you in finding the best-ranked PPH sportsbook service on the market. One where they accept many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin. Additionally, crypto payments are completely anonymous, as Dr. PPH will be sure to find a company who will give you a new address to send money to each time you make one. This is totally untraceable.

MoneyGram or Western Union can be used to pay for this service. With cryptocurrency becoming more accessible and popular, some pay-per-head shops offer cryptocurrency to make payments to bookies.

It is easy to pay with crypto. All you have to do is set up a crypto wallet. This can be done through multiple services, like the Cash App and Blockchain. Coinbase is another option. Once you have purchased the cryptocurrency, once you choose your company, you can ask for the address you wish to send it to and click Send. Transactions are processed instantly, and fees are lower than Western Union or Money Gram fees.

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