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Can You Trust Your Pay Per Head Services Platform?

If you are looking to take your sportsbook to the next level, it is time to consider moving your book to a pay per head services platform. If you’ve been running things off a WordPress or Weebly page and your numbers have been decent, and you think you are ready to grow, then it is time to up your game when it comes to the platform you provide for your betting clients. 

Let’s look at what you should ask for from your provider. 

What Sets the Elite Pay Per Head Services Apart?

The best pay per head platforms have several things that distinguish them from the rest of the industry. One of the most important factors is something that you cannot see – server capacity

The last thing you want to happen to your sportsbook is to have the website crash during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, or in the seventh inning of a World Series game. Betting volume will be getting crazy at that point, especially if that World Series game is on the same day as a slate of NFL action. With a discount pay per head application, you are not paying as much, but what will happen the first time your server crashes? Your clients will move over to a website that does not crash, and your business will be done.

Other PPH platforms important factors are much easier to see, such as design elements. If you are really still running off the free templates on Weebly and WordPress, you have the visual equivalent of a high school research project in terms of how the site looks. 

It is definitely time to move up to the next level, with a platform that is fully interactive and allows for mobile optimization, so that your clients can whip out their smartphones and bet securely and safely, and in real time. If you choose one of the top sites to host your sportsbook, your page will look every bit as impressive as the big casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City and around the world. The best part is that no one has to know that you did not design the whole thing yourself!

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