When it comes to pay per head sportsbook choices, bookiepph.net is one of the newer entrants to the game. The platform provides what you need to set up and operate a sportsbook at one of the cheaper price points in the industry. That also means that you don’t get as many of the extras, but with fewer dollars flying out the door each week in pay per head wagering fees, you will not need to offer as many different props in order to develop a solid revenue stream.

 You can reach customer support at bookiepph.net at 866-229-7813 around the clock. If you want to reach someone about a new account without having to sit on the phone, you can email [email protected]. While you are waiting, you can hop onto the administrative section of the app and take a look at your daily and weekly balances for each client, along with a variety of other helpful reports.

For your betting clients, bookiepph.net offers an experience that is user friendly, no matter what device you and your clients want to use to get online. There are more expensive pay per head sportsbook platforms that have more of the optional features out there, such as premium casino features, but if you are looking for a basic place to start, bookiepph.net is a solid option.

Looking at bookiepph.net, I rate the site somewhat above the middle of the pack, primarily because of the value. There are platforms with more striking visuals and more options above and beyond the basics, but the added cost may take them out of your consideration.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 14/15 Points

It is hard to beat the value that bookiepph.net offers sportsbook owners, with weekly pay per head fees starting at $8. There are some competitors that offer a lower price point, if you have hundreds of clients, but having an $8 starting point for bettors at a basic level makes this a great opportunity if you are just getting your book up and running.

If your site is already into the hundreds of users, of course, there are other pay per head providers who may offer a deal that is more compatible for your needs. For the relatively new sportsbook owner, though, this sort of value is definitely worth considering. To get a more detailed quote for your own individual book, though, you will want to reach out to bookiepph.net customer service at 866-229-7813 or [email protected].

 The features that come at that price point include a sportsbook, horse racing, casino games, and live betting. The site guarantees 99.99% uptime with triple redundancy, which means that the likelihood of your page crashing at just the wrong time during a World Series game, for example, is minuscule. When it comes to DDOS and hacker protection, bookiepph.net has just as strong a protocols as the most expensive sites in this industry.

Promos 2/10 Points

Right now, bookiepph.net does not appear to offer any sign-up promotions. However, the site does have one of the lower base prices of any of the major pph sportsbook websites.

Agent Admin 15/15 Points

One clear advantage that bookiepph.net offers is the easy interface for agents/bookies. You can sit down at a sports bar, pull out your phone, and manage your accounts with ease while you watch your favorite games. There are other services that provide more bells and whistles, but maintaining and customizing each account, adjusting lines, setting and changing wager limits by client, are all simple to do. It is also easy to set up customized player profiles – including custom wager limits and even betting lines.

Sportsbook 11/15 Points

If you are looking for a quick and easy sportsbook to operate, then bookiepph.net is a solid pay per head betting option for your clients. There is a great deal of flexibility with respect to the specific sports, events and props that you want to offer, and the design elements make it easy for you to manage and for your clients to use.

Casino 5/10 Points

The casino options that are included with this price per head service are relatively basic, but the design elements are pleasant and the games are reliable. Given what sportsbook owners are paying per head, this is a fun option at a value.

Horses 4/5 Points

The variety available on bookiepph.net is somewhat less than what you get on some of the competitors. However, you have the ability to set up as many different wagers and props for horse racing events as you want to offer as options.

Call Center 8/10 Points

You can reach a representative at 866-229-7813 around the clock – and so can your betting clients. Unlike some pay per head services, bookiepph.net does not differentiate with their pricing to limit some clients to Internet contact only.

Payment Methods 3/5 Points

Bookiepph.net takes bitcoin and then transfers via MoneyGram and BankWire. In comparison to some of the other services out there, this site offers fewer payment options. However, the comparative value that bookiepph.net offers may be enough of a compensation to you and your clients.

Mobile Friendliness 13/15 Points

Given that more and more people are doing more and more of their Internet surfing from a smartphone or tablet, it is vital that your pay per head betting interface be accessible from those devices, not just a computer. With bookiepph.net, it is easy for both you and your betting clients to whip out a phone and place bets.