Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software Review

The best lesson you can ever learn about pay per head providers -and life in general- is the one that tells you NEVER to judge a book by its cover, that you should always do your research, and dig in all the unusual places. Only that way you can absolutely make sure that the money you spend on your per-head service is worth the while. This is the Best Pay Per Head Review. presented us with an interesting conundrum. Upon our first gaze, their website looked zesty, responsive and somewhat professional, but then, once we started looking more closely into its features and functionalities, the cracks began to appear. Nonetheless, this PPH service provider does seem to have a well-rounded bundle of per head services, split into three different packages for three different types of bookies and budgets. Once having assessed BestPayPerHead’s pros and cons, we’ve decided to award them with a score of 54. While possessing a fairly interesting array of betting products and cost alternatives, we’re left with the impression that they might only be looking to impress potential customers for a quick sale. We’re also left deeply concerned about the many technical issues happening on the homepage; it doesn’t bode well for any PPH to let errors like that pop up on their site.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 12/15 Points

One of the first things we first noticed while scrolling down their homepage was their “30 Days Free” deal for new agents, supposedly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We truly don’t see what the connection is between the virus and the pay per head business, except perhaps because offers three different agent packages, from which only one features a one-week trial period. The agent packages come in the shapes of Basic ($10 per head, basic features), $5 Professional (best for corporate, for 50+ players), and $15 Premium, with Free Live Betting, quick player analysis reports and a 100% customizable agent’s page). Better to have options than none!

Promos 8/10 Points

Catch it while you can! – As stated before, BestPayPerHead currently advertises a one-month-for-free trial period, which we suppose is for all packages, regardless of player quantity or regular running costs. The more expensive Premium package brings with itself some interesting perks, such as the 100% customizable agent page that allows you to “create, manage, store and deploy content on your landing page. You can change your promotions, optimize your content for search engines” and some more.

Agent Admin 11/15 Points

BestPayPerHead’s services look just a tad higher than the average pph sites from the competition, in terms of their agent admin console choices. Even though we were unable to review their management tools ourselves, in-the-flesh, so to speak, however, we looked into the images currently displayed on their site and the list looks pretty robust: Weekly balances, agent distribution reports and plenty of player profiling options to choose from.

Sportsbook 7/15 Points

Similarly to their agent admin console, BestPayPerHead’s sportsbook layout seems pretty OK as well, featuring all the usual choices, plus some few others including both dynamic and recess (during break) live betting. Mobile betting is also a possibility, although we weren’t able to determine whether this is something that is available for all packages. In writing, according to BestPayPerHead’s homepage, only the Professional and Premium packages include this particular feature. We could easily be wrong though.

Casino 2/10 Points

There’s no info whatsoever about what casino games are available at, nor are there any details about game developers or platforms. Whether they offer live or just virtual casino games is a complete mystery to us. All they do say is that they offer casino games in their agent packages. *If you happen to know more about the casino software or game variety, please make sure to let us know.

Horses 2/5 Points

Same issue as with casino games. says very little at all -if anything- about their horses software, odds provider(s) or betting platform: they only say they have them, and that is about it… Simply, fill in the blanks.

Call Center 6/10 Points

Potential agents can try reaching out BestPayPerHead via phone (at 1-888-440-9486 or 1-877-670-2832), or by writing them a short message via a small comment window they have featured on the bottom of their homepage, however, they do seem to be able to respond to your queries in more that these two aforementioned ways. Supposedly, they should also have private messaging for agents, as well as a private live chat option.

Payment Methods 1/5 Points

Deposit and Payout options are, without a doubt, the most nebulous aspect about BestPayPerHead. You won’t find ANYTHING at all just by reading through their homepage contents. Best advice we can give you? Pester them until they respond, hopefully they have at least the basic cryptos and wiring options.

Mobile Friendliness 5/15 Points

Even though it is clearly implied in the site images -as well as in the supposed show of active customers and in their agent packages-, that BestPayPerHead is fully mobile-friendly, it is not really stated elsewhere at all. So, we suppose that all their features and tools are accessible via mobile devices. We recommend you make completely sure about this before you engage with them in business.


Is Dr PPH a sportsbook?

Dr. PPH is an industry leader where betting expert share rated each bookie software provider and PPH solution on the basis of criteria and factors related to the betting industry.

How To Become A Bookie?

To become a professional bookie the two most crucial things you must complete are finding out how to attract players as well as signing up with a pay-per-head service to place bets from your players automatically using betting software.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay-per-head is an online bookmaker offering its services for sports, casino, and horse racing betting to a specific clientele through a bookie software or sportsbook service provider.