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Best Bookie Software Promotions Provider

One of the most important features of a well-rounded Pay-Per-Head operator, and evidently one that is much sought-after by sportsbooks all around, is the appeal of a promotion or bonus.

But promotions are not just about the appeal. Sure, many of us love and enjoy a nice throw-in and freebies, just for the fun of it. There are many huge bonuses offered by PPH providers that are attractive and make you feel like your business is really important to them. On the other hand, there are promotions by PPH services providers, which are a real-life demo of what you would actually be getting, how your hard-earned dollars are going to be treated, and if you would be getting your money’s worth WITHOUT spending a dime. That, besides the price it would cost you to hand the wheel over to the PPH services provider, is a great way of wading your way in those murky, treacherous waters of the unknown.

This time, Dr.PPH has deemed it necessary to delve into the depths of the PPH provider waters to salvage and rate the most promising and the best Bookie Software Provider by Promotions for all you sportsbook owners out there. All that shuffling around turned up as the option best rated. While does not have much of a pay-per-head history in itself, as many of their other competitors which have been around for a good while and have an obvious edge in the industry, they have succeeded in whipping up a very decent and obliging website with features that will give you what you came for.

Why would that be important, you ask. True, we’re dealing with the who’s who of the promotions department in this section, but to be fair, one swallow does not spring make, and a very tempting promotion needs to be backed up by… you guessed it, other competitive features to make it worth your while. So, while the promotions are a great way of testing the PPH provider and seeing if it’s a good fit for your business, it would be silly to hitch up your horses to just any PPH provider that offers a flashy promo. Of course, no money is wasted, but the other features, if they’re not hitting the spot, will deter you from your good reputation in front of your customer base. So, yes, it’s not only about the promos, but it’s also about the combination of value features plus the free trial period to make it the right starting point for your sportsbook, and that’s what Dr.PPH took into account when dusting up and sniffing out the best Bookie Software Provider by Promotions. 

Our awardee,, not only has a good promotion up for grabs but also rounds up their offer to make it competitive because that’s what they do. As part of the other goodies they dish out as a PPH provider, they start out with a cost of $7 per active client per week and this can be reduced if your clients go over 30 active customers, basic customization options for your website, nice non-distracting visuals, and they also have a comparatively ample variety of sports that certainly does not deter from the attractiveness has from the standpoint of value. All this places among the more decent value PPH providers you can find around. PLUS (and here’s where we are directing our crosshairs) they give you a full four-week free trial that lets you and your customer base have enough time to determine if their way of business is right for you. In other words, their promotion offer is rated among the best ones in the industry, and it also comes backed up by their other very wholesome features, all of which earned it –in our eyes—the best Bookie Software Provider by Promotions award. 


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 12/15 Points

The home page heavily promotes a “$7 or less” starting pay per head sportsbook fee, and it indicates that the fee goes down after your sportsbook grows beyond 30 active bettors. There is no revenue share for any of the features, and there are no minimums. If you combine that with the four-week free trial (see below), you see that this is a considerable amount of value that you and your betting clients get an extended free preview to see if you will enjoy using it.

Promos 9/10 Points offers one of the top promotions in the industry – a four-week free trial for new agents. In theory, that gives you a full month to decide whether this is the right pay per head sportsbook for your clients – and for you, leaving you with zero financial liabilities for the restart.

THAT is a major advantage for this platform; while it represents a significant investment on their part, the commitment in terms of time has proven persuasive for many sportsbook owners in the past. Two Thumbs Up!

Agent Admin 11/15 Points

One of the most important factors for any pay per head sportsbook has to do with the reporting that is available for you to consult.

Whether you log onto your agent account on a computer or a mobile device, you can track your daily and weekly activity, broken down by individual bettor, by wager, by event, and other metrics.

The one downside we ought to mention in our review is the lack of a DEMO version for either their agent or player software. While in consultation with one of their Chat agents – who actually answered all my queries in the quickest of fashions, extras kudos for that – we were informed that it is only possible to test their assets once you’ve registered an account with them, not before.

It would have been nice if we had gotten a chance to test everything beforehand, but OK. Just an afterthought.

Sportsbook 14/15 Points

One major advantage that has over a lot of the competition – at this particular price point – is the variety of its sports offerings. In addition to pro and college football and basketball, baseball, and soccer, you also have the option to offer wagers on motorsports, UFC/MMA/boxing, tennis, golf and other prop bets.

This sort of variety will make your sportsbook more attractive than others that restrict their sports. It will also allow you to take advantage of the greater predictability that one finds in such sports as men’s tennis – and the lack of predictability in the women’s draw and in golf.

Casino 7/10 Points

You have access to such basic casino games as slots, stud, draw and other poker variations, as well as blackjack, through

If you want more advanced options, you can pay a higher PPH sportsbook fee for each of your active betting clients. You definitely want your bettors to have access to casino games – and to promote those games, because over time you will make a more reliable profit from the casino side than you will make from the sportsbook and horse racing offerings.

Horses 4/5 Points

According to the data collected from A1PPH’s website, their horse-racing portfolio is one that resembles the same offerings from other well-known PPH operators.

Keep in mind that, in reality, when it comes to getting beyond the top 60 or so tracks, most of your bettors will never have any interest in those races, choosing instead to stick to the top graded stakes as well as other races on the main courses.

Then again, they can always do better. That’s the only reason why we’ve deducted one point from their score for the category.

Call Center 9/10 Points

No complaints in terms of customer service, none whatsoever. They were prompt, courteous and struck the right answer faster than we could ask the question. Pretty impressive!

You can reach the support directly at (877) 386-0180, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in either Spanish or English. There is also a live chat button on the home page that you can click if you want to talk to a representative that way.

Payment Methods 2/5 Points does not list their accepted payment methods on their website. However, throughout the pay per head sportsbook industry, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, person-to-person transfers and several different debit/gift cards are commonly accepted. You’ll want to check with directly to find out what they currently take.

Mobile Friendliness 11/15 Points

Mobile optimization is a strength for… Yet another one!

The font sizes are large enough (and the color is distinct enough) to make reading the content easy without squinting or zooming in on the page. You have full functionality, whether from the bettor side or the agent side, from a tablet or smartphone, which makes managing your pay per head sportsbook much more flexible.


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Dr. PPH is an industry leader where betting expert share rated each bookie software provider and PPH solution on the basis of criteria and factors related to the betting industry.

How To Become A Bookie?

To become a professional bookie the two most crucial things you must complete are finding out how to attract players as well as signing up with a pay-per-head service to place bets from your players automatically using betting software.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay-per-head is an online bookmaker offering its services for sports, casino, and horse racing betting to a specific clientele through a bookie software or sportsbook service provider.