Best Casino Bookie Software Provider Review

We, at DrPPH believe that, while there’s no absolute truth to anything, there are hoops you just can’t jump over regarding the services that PPH providers will render, and one of those hoops you just can’t bend aside is the Casino part of the deal. Why, you ask befuddled, thinking you only need your sportsbook wagering options to offer and yeah, someone to take over the operation and make it easier for you. Well, nay, we say: the Casino end can be a life-saving backup for your operation and it may give you the profit you may need in the near future.

Picture this: you have a sportsbook with a decent customer base, and you’re set for any wagering activity and feeling safe. Wrong! There will be times when you might lose money depending on game outcomes, lines, etc. and you will have to fork out your hard-earned cash to supply for those dire times. Or, you might have a very bored and un-wagering customer base in between games. That’s when the Casino features kick in and come to the rescue, providing extra money not only to help hold you up during those bleak times, but also to help pay the PPH service provider’s fee per client to help you make more money. How’s that for a great backbone? We’ve always said: “Don’t rely exclusively on sports-betting for your PPH venture” and mean it. And this is where the recipient of our Best Bookie Software Provider by Casino rears its head and makes itself known: Pelican PPH.

So, what is it about’s casino offer that sets it apart from other competitors? Well, for one thing, it offers a FREE basic casino along with its standard package and some very ‘high-end’ software alternatives at the revenue share price. There is also a LIVE Dealer option for US customers if you have fans in that direction. Oh, and by the way, their casino game collection grows almost every month, and the majority of their titles are mobile-friendly. PelicanPPH provides line and risk management for over 75 land-based casinos. This keeps just getting better and better.

On the other non-casino features:
PelicanPPH dates all the way back to 1983, where they started in the US as a credit book, then moved offshore; later, they dropped the post up to focus on credit, PPH and White Label.
Revenue share? Yes, but not as high as the competition. PelicanPPH likes to deal with big agents, and they offer a LOWER revenue share model: most of the time, higher-tier casino platforms charge between 15-20%, but at PelicanPPH, the revenue share is downsized to just 13%.

Value and variety with price points that start as low as $3 per betting account for sportsbooks with a big customer database… While many platforms out there focus on small, new sportsbook owners and offer sportsbook options that are basic and simple, yet affordable, Pelican PPH goes along with the flow, albeit providing the value niche with options that can be tailored more toward businesses that have been operating for a while now, and have a hefty following in need of first-class touches in their operation. You might find the pricing a bit husky, since you must be a big agent –with a customer base above 500 clients– to be able to squeeze some value out of the big-agent pricing option, which is $3 per active account, compared to the $10 price point for a customer base below the 499 mark.

Either way, the issue at hand here is whether their casino offer is the best of the many options we shuffled around, and they have indeed come out victorious. Besides their many great features, Pelican PPH is the proud recipient of the Best Bookie Software Provider by Casino, and well-earned it is!


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 13/15 Points

When it comes to PelicanPPH it all comes down to your player volume: If your player package is below 500 active accounts, then, you will pay a higher fee alongside the same amazing services deal, the same as if you had 2000+ accounts. On the other hand, if you have above 500 active accounts, then you will get the best price ($3 per active player) and of course, all the premium service perks as well.

Here’s breakdown of their products and prices (weekly):

Sports Betting (PRE-MATCH):

Two-tier system:

  • 0-499 accounts: $15 phone / $10 internet
  • 500+ accounts: $5 phone / $3 internet


Included in the pre-match price are:

  • LIVE Wagering(In-Play) – Starting at $3 per active account
  • Horse Betting

Basic Casino (Free of charge):

  • AST Casino

Top tier casinos (13% Revenue Share):

  • Concept Gaming
  • Nucleus Casino
  • Endorphina
  • SlotExchange

LIVE Dealer Casino (13% Revenue Share):


Promos 9/10 Points

Sportsbook owners who are new to the platform get a FREE trial that lasts three weeks. That blows a lot of the other pph sports betting platforms out of the water; many of PelicanPPH’s competitors offer a brief software demo, or a money-back guarantee. With Pelican PPH, you don’t have to put down a dime for three weeks, and you and your clients get to try out all of the features. That represents an investment on the platform’s part, and it is clear that the investment is paying off.

On a side note, the minimum deposit is $400 USD, which might appear as a bit on a ‘high-end’ when looking for pay-per-head on the basis of price alone, but keep in mind that PelicanPPH is in the hunt for BIG agents, not so much the small-budget agents. Chances are, either way you go, you’ll get top service.

Agent Admin 11/15 Points

PelicanPPH.COM offers a clean & classic DGS-agent admin console, with all the features expected of a proper – and smooth – booking operation; you will also find a “modern” dashboard version available, though some of its features are still being worked on. In any case, If you are already used to the DGS system, then we’re sure you’ll end up loving both backends.

Needless to say, all you actually need these days to manage your sportsbook page is a working smartphone. In seconds, you can check your accounts, activity reports, and the action on some key bets from your mobile device. You can also adjust lines and set new wagering limits for that betting client that has lost heavily over the past few weeks. PelicanPPH is easy to navigate and use.

Sportsbook 14/15 Points

PelicanPPH.COM offers a fantastic ‘sportsbook’ interface with two options: A “modern” betslip look and the classic look. Just picture it: ALL the sports odds and props imaginable at your disposal; rest easy… No more complaints from players about a lack of sports options on your board.

Having an origin in the credit business, PelicanPPH.COM prides itself in the degree of attention put into their sports odds offer and their resulting profits. They have a documented hold percentage that usually ranges between 7 & 9% for pre-match, and 6-7% for LIVE wagering.

Casino 10/10 Points offers a FREE basic casino with its standard package, but it also offers some ‘high-end’ casino software alternatives at revenue share price. They also have a LIVE Dealer option for US customers, better fit for fans of the real-deal table game experience.

And naturally, since PelicanPPH is on the look-out for big agents, they do offer a LOWER revenue share model than most of the competition. More regularly than not, higher-tier casino platforms will charge you between 15-20%, while with, that revenue share shrinks to a mere 13%. Looks pretty convenient to us.

Lest we forget, their casino game collection grows nearly every month, and most of their available titles are mobile-friendly.

Horses 5/5 Points

Not much here for discussion: Without the hint of doubt, has the best horse racing software on the Western side of the pond. Their current provider of horse-betting software is one of the top and most respected names in the industry; with their system, you will be able to put limits on max payouts, max odds, types of bets, and just about everything else.

They also offer daily horse matchups and pools with daily TV coverage, so your players can keep up with action LIVE every day. Best of all, it’s FREE of charge. There’s also a LIVE streaming service for your Grandstand aficionados; It comes with a $200-monthly price tag that can be added to your regular services bill.

Some extra products offered are Parlay Cards, Pools, Squares and Brackets, and all come included in your per-head price.

Call Center 10/10 Points

There are some pay per head sportsbook platforms that make agents and bettors hunt around for a phone number or email address. PelicanPPH has an email link and a phone number at the top of the home page, as well as a live chat button at the bottom. prides itself on having great customer service, for both players and agents alike, and having tested it ourselves, we think they positively deliver.

Payment Methods 4/5 Points

When it comes to payment methods, PelicanPPH is “OK” as far as options are concerned. You’ll get all the basic options, such as cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum and the such), Person-to-Person money transfers like RIA, digital-payment entities like Zelle, among others. You can also request disbursements of funds through many of those same outlets.

While we do believe that PelicanPPH should consider growing their payment options menu, ultimately, If what you’re looking for is the best in terms of flexibility and practicality for your betting clients, PelicanPPH is definitely the way to go.

Mobile Friendliness 15/15 Points

If you have an Internet presence these days, you have to have a site that is mobile-optimized so that users can visit it on an iPad or a Google Pixel and get the same benefits as someone sitting at a desktop computer. PelicanPPH gets it right as far as features that are easy to see, navigate and use, no matter what the device.


Is Dr PPH a sportsbook?

Dr. PPH is an industry leader where betting expert share rated each bookie software provider and PPH solution on the basis of criteria and factors related to the betting industry.

How To Become A Bookie?

To become a professional bookie the two most crucial things you must complete are finding out how to attract players as well as signing up with a pay-per-head service to place bets from your players automatically using betting software.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay-per-head is an online bookmaker offering its services for sports, casino, and horse racing betting to a specific clientele through a bookie software or sportsbook service provider.