Being a Bookie A simple change can make all the difference

Being a Bookie: A simple change can make all the difference.

People seem to have success without effort. I thought that was a hoax. I have been a bookie since 2010, and I began by working for another bookie before deciding that I could do it all on my own.

Stop struggling and start earning as a Bookie.

Despite my more extensive experience, I struggled to keep my business afloat. Every week, as I ran the numbers, I cringed. I was barely making any profit, and my players were unimpressed. They quickly lost interest in my services.

One of my players commented on the problem. I didn’t pay enough attention to the industry’s evolution, how poor bookie software was, or how terrible my pay-per-head service was.

This led me to search for a better service using Dr. PPH reviews. I found some, but their service was poor and unreliable. It ended up costing me valuable players. Everything changed when I discovered Pelican PPH. At first, I thought they were just like other services—lots of talk but no results.

At the start of the 2013-2014 football seasons, they switched my package to me.I had no expectations, and I completely expected that their site would crash on the first weekend of the regular season of the NFL, just like all the other sites I had worked with. I was prepared for the worst. The angry calls from my players and my having to accept their bets on paper, guessing at the current line, were all part of the plan. Game day arrived, and I prepared myself for the worst. I was expecting angry calls from my players, taking their bets on paper while guessing at the line, and then my phone not ringing.

In my first season, I thought this week was the one where everything went wrong. But it didn’t. My players were impressed and happy because Dr. PPH helped me find a lot of prop bets and other lines that they hadn’t seen before with Pelican PPH. They referred their friends to me. My player list grew faster than I expected. I panicked again, thinking, “What if these guys cannot handle the extra volume?” I called and was assured that they could handle any volume I created.

It has been four years since I switched, and I don’t worry about being behind the game. Pelican PPH is constantly looking for new technology and products to enhance their services. My players now have access to the most advanced live betting software, while I continue to grow my business.

All it took to make huge profits was changing the pay-per-head service provider. I went from struggling and making little money to making huge profits. These success stories, it turns out, are true.

Bottom line

If you’re looking to expand your online bookie business and start your own company, this is a great opportunity.

Dr. PPH: The doctor is ALWAYS in!

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