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Why you should include a video section on your betting site.


Video has become one of the most important content formats on the internet. Everyday brands invest energy and money in creating better video content so that they can capture and retain audiences and of course increase the sales of their products and services. In fact, according to Google data, if the viewability of video content is increased from 50% to 90 %, this can mean an increase in profits of 80%. It is for this reason that bookies should consider including a section of videos within their betting sites.

To create a video section that is really effective and has a positive impact on the bookie's earnings, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

Relevance of content

The videos that the bookie will include in its betting site must be of relevant content for its audience, that is, the bookies must create videos related to sports betting, sports highlights, sports news, and betting tips. In this way, the audience will find the video content useful and valuable, and there is a greater possibility that they will engage with the content.

Content quality

The bookies should try to create quality videos, if they do not have the technical knowledge to do this it is better to hire a professional that helps them produce quality video content. The higher the production quality of the videos, the greater the likelihood that people will engage with the content and consume it recurrently.

Optimization of the betting site for video.

When placing the videos on the betting site, the bookie must ensure that the page is optimized so that the videos load fast and do not collapse due to high user traffic.

Bookies that want to grow their business and improve their monthly income should resort to video content since this trend is one of the most important to attract traffic to the betting site, generate retention in customers and grow profits. It is also expected that this trend will continue to grow in the coming years as all industries are turning to create content and experiences in online video.

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