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Why is the design of your Betting Site important for your Bookie Reputation?


In the gambling business, reputation is everything. Bettors want to do business with someone they can trust. The fact that they are wagering thousands of dollars in some cases, they sure want that a bookie that is able to pay them. That’s the reason why a good betting site, that has a beautiful but also a practical design, is so important to reflect the bookie reputation.  

Every Detail Matters
Bettors nowadays want a world class betting site that is easy to use, loads in seconds and never fails. A betting site that does not comply with these characteristics will scare them away, and they will look for another betting site to do their gambling. That’s the reason why every little detail on the betting site needs to be well thought, for example, all the navigation tools within the betting site need to be layout with a simple pattern that is easy to understand. Get rid of the meaningless text, outdated images, broken links and any other unattractive elements that make your betting site look scrappy.  

Always Dress to Impress
When we attend an important event or a business meeting, we always choose our best suit to make a strong first impression. Your betting site works the same way, several studies show that in only 0.5 seconds people gauge if a website is worthy or not and the first thing they see on a website is the logo. If you don’t have a good looking betting site with an updated homepage you are going to lose lots of money, in fact, 35% of internet users said they won’t engage with a website if they feel the site does not meet their standards.

The Latest Trends
Aside from fast loading times and good layouts people also want to interact with websites that have the latest features such as mobile-friendly navigation and responsive design. To meet with all the user expectations bookies need to partner up with a reliable pay per head provider that will help them build a state of the art betting site.

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