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Why bookies should pay attention to live baccarat.


The films of James Bond in the 60 made that the baccarat gain popularity and the players began to be interested in what until that moment had been one of the almost unknown casino games.

The game is very fun and easy to learn, which causes the players to get hooked quickly with the game. Baccarat is currently one of the most sought after games by gamblers who frequent live casinos. According to Google data searches related to this game have increased by 70% during 2019 compared to the same period of 2018.

The 3 main variants most sought by the bettors are:

Baccarat Squeeze

In this mode, the dealer offers a look at the cards by slowly bending the corners. If the bet is the same in both hands the dealer will squeeze both of them.

Punto Banco

This method allows bettors to place bets against themselves. This gives bettors the chance to win if they bet that the bank's hand is better than theirs.

Chemin de Fer

For those who do not know French means railroad, this modality allows players to take turns to become the bank. The shoe moves in a clockwise direction around the table as the bettors place their bets.

To attract the growing audience of Baccarat players it is necessary that the bookies have a good Pay Per Head provider that provides them with live gaming rooms, with friendly and entertaining dealers, a good camera system and of course the 3 types of variants of the game. In addition, bookies must ensure that gamblers can access the online casino through any type of device, since the gamblers who like baccarat access it from their cell phones.

Live casinos are one of the best options that bookies have to diversify their business and create a source of income alternative to sports betting. Not all pay per head provides have a good platform for live casinos, that’s the reason why bookies must make sure that the pay per head partner they select has all the tools and platforms to serve different betting markets.

Bookies must always be aware of game trends in order to identify opportunities to grow their betting business.

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