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Why Costa Rica is an important country for the PPH industry.


If you are just taking your first steps in the betting industry through a Pay Per Head partner, you may have noticed that these companies are located outside the USA, the vast majority of them in Costa Rica.

The novice bookies must understand why Costa Rica is such an important country in the betting industry, mainly for Pay Per Head companies and how this can be a determining factor for the success of their business.

Before the ban was taken to sports betting in the USA, there were few states in which bets could be placed. But the law contemplated and even today works in this way that betting with an offshore operator was allowed. This caused that the betting companies looked for countries to move that offered the perfect conditions to develop their activities. Some companies moved to Caribbean islands, others to Mexico, Panama and finally some others landed in Costa Rica. 
The companies that settled in Costa Rica found in the country:

Multilingual customer service staff with excellent service skills.
Highly trained technical staff such as programmers and web designers
Relatively low operating costs. Excellent infrastructure in technological terms, such as good internet connections.

All this made the Pay Per Head companies that came to Costa Rica take off and could provide better services to bookies at much lower costs.

Why is this important for bookies?
The best Pay Per Head companies are located in Costa Rica today, they are companies that have a broad experience and good reputation in the betting industry and that offer their bookies the best products so that they can be much more competitive and can take their business to success.

For example, Pay Per Head companies that operate in countries such as Panama have had problems with the quality of their customer service executives, this is because the treatment of Panamanians is very cold and sharp. This type of behavior can make that the gamblers look for another place where they receive a better treatment, which is not convenient for the bookies that operate with these companies.

The country in which the Pay Per Head provider operates can be a determining factor in the success or failure of the bookie business.
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