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What the Super Bowl betting numbers tell us about the betting market in the US.


Another Super Bowl has passed, the great football party ended with a game that was not as entertaining and exciting as expected and a half-time show that also failed to live up to expectations. Another aspect in which the Super Bowl seems to have fallen short is in the sports betting since according to the data of the Nevada Gaming Control Board in this state were recorded $ 145.9 million in bets which represents a drop of 13 million since the previous year a total of $ 158.6 million was recorded. This data is not really bad because thanks to the lifting of the ban of sports betting for the first time in history legal bets for the Super Bowl could be taken outside of Nevada.

In the words of Bill Miller, CEO of the American Gaming Association (AGA): "More Americans than ever before will be able to place their bets with legal sportsbooks now operating in eight states". According to AGA projections, one in ten Americans would place a bet in the Super Bowl and bets worth $ 6 billion would be registered throughout the US.

We have to wait for each state to disclose their betting data for the SuperBowl but it is highly likely that the nearly $ 13 million that was not placed in Nevada this year was due to being placed in one of the other states that already have legal bets. This shows that Americans are willing to place bets in the comfort of their own states and that in the market there is still enough space for bookies, as people feel more confident to look for a local bookie.

The SuperBowl is only the first of the major sporting events of the year, many states work extra hours to have a sports betting legislation as soon as possible and be able to profit from the next March Madness or the World Series. The bookies should also work extra hours to ensure a good market position in the states that legalize sports betting to be able to profit from the new fever due to sports betting that is spreading throughout the USA.

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