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What are the characteristics that players look for in a bookie.


The gamblers are becoming more demanding every day and the expectations that they have of the bookie's increase. If a bookie fails to meet those expectations, it is more likely that it will lose those customers since there is a wide offer of bookies in the market, bettors can easily find another one.

In order to be up to the expectations of the bettors, the bookies have to identify which are the elements and characteristics that the gamblers value most and create their proposal of differentiating value based on these elements.

According to some surveys carried out by the big bookmakers, these are some of the elements that gamblers value most in a bookie:

Live in-game betting

Bettors increasingly look for bookies that offer a robust live betting system during games, as this brings a new layer of excitement to watching a game on television. Bettors look for platforms that have several betting options, that are updated in real time with what happens in the game and those that make them feel that they have complete control over the entire betting process.

Horse Betting

Some bookies underestimate the potential of horse tracks and do not even include them in their betting sites. But this type of betting is one of the most sought after by bettors around the world.

Betting options from around the world

Bettors no longer settle for sports betting in NFL, NBA, and MLB games. Today's punters are global and are looking for betting options from leagues and sports from around the world.

Bookies that want to include any or all of these elements within their betting site must have a good Pay Per Head partner since this type of company makes these and other features available to bookies so that they can offer to their bettors. Having these features on their betting site will help bookies to create a lucrative business and will increase their growth potential.

A Pay Per Head partner is the key to bookies being able to be more competitive in the current betting market and provide the best service to their customers.

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