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What March Madness can tell us about the future of the betting industry.


The great sporting events of 2019 in the USA are being very different from previous years in terms of bets. Thanks to the lifting of the ban to sports betting in the US 8 states already have legislation that allows bets in their territories which has caused major changes in the behavior of bettors and in the amounts of money that are wagered.

Let's analyze the case of March Madness, the most important college basketball sport event in the USA, the American Gaming Association (AGA) revealed data in which it estimates that for this year's edition around 47 million Americans will bet on the tournament of the NCAA. The average bets are $ 30 and it is estimated that around $ 8 to $ 10 billion in bets will be handled. An interesting fact is that the AGA estimates that about $ 3.9 billion will be wagered on sportsbooks, online, with bookies or with friends. These estimates suppose an increase of around 40% in relation to what the March Madness produced in bets the previous year.

We will have to wait for the March Madness to finish in a few days to see if these predictions were fulfilled, but it is more likely that not only will these figures be achieved but that they will be overcome, since it is evident that Americans have a great passion for bets and now that they are legal in several territories people bet with more confidence and more often than before.

If the predictions of the AGA for the March Madness are fulfilled, this will also give us a clearer vision of the future of the betting industry, where if with only 8 states that have legal bets in their territory, there can be an increase from around 40% to 50% in the wager activity, it is impossible to calculate what can be achieved with 15 or 20 states.

It is to be expected that in the next 2 years we will see a multi-billion dollar betting industry flourish, where bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner will be able to capitalize on the situation and see their businesses grow to heights they never imagined. The transformation of the betting industry is just beginning and there is still time to enter and secure a good portion of the action.

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